Dear Jack: The Worst Gift We Gave You for Your 5th Birthday

5 years.

Dear Jack: The Worst Gift We Gave You for Your 5th Birthday

Dear Jack,

Mommy and I bought your birthday and Christmas gifts months ahead of time. It’s funny because I had actually completely forgotten what your birthday gifts were, since they’ve been wrapped and in storage for so long.

So when you opened them a month ago on your 5th birthday, they were just as much as a surprise to me as they were to you.

While you truly loved your gifts, there was one dud; though fortunately, you didn’t really seem to notice. You were very excited to open it, as it was your first one we let you open:

A couple of months ago, Mommy bought a “3D Pirate Ship” kite from Zoolilly; knowing that we would be celebrating your birthday on the beaches of Destin, Florida. We had never considered the assembly process, though.

Granted, I’m not good about figuring out how to put things together, but this kite barely come with any instructions; in addition to being quite complicated to begin with.

Dear Jack: The Worst Gift We Gave You for Your 5th Birthday

The instructions were very cryptic and minimal. (Without surprise, the kite was made in China.) Mommy and I spent an hour figuring out how to assemble the thing; and we barely got the job done.

On my own, I would have just given up and immediately thrown it in the garbage. Mommy’s help is what saved the kite from instant destruction.

Once we finally got the thing built, I had preconceived ideas on how it would fly: Amazing, but short-lived.

I was accurate in my prediction.

By the time I got the kite flying high enough for you to hold on to the string, it began self-destructing in the air.

Dear Jack: The Worst Gift We Gave You for Your 5th Birthday

Its life lasted about 2 minutes. You never got to fly it.

Fortunately, you were too distracted by running in the sand and waves to realize that I snuck in the kite into the garbage can.

Yes, it was the worst present you gave you for your birthday, but it fortunately was also the most forgettable; especially in a beach setting.



Dear Jack: The Worst Gift We Gave You for Your 5th Birthday

Dear Jack: The Treasure Chest You Found Buried in Pensacola

4 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack: The Treasure Chest You Found Buried in Pensacola

Dear Jack,

Leading up to our recent mini road trip to Pensacola, you announced to me, “Daddy, when we go to the beach, we need to dig in the sand because maybe there is a buried treasure chest… and dinosaur bones too!”

So thanks to a quick trip to Dollar Tree and Party Central, I was able to obtain the treasure chest (a lunch box), plastic coins and jewelry, and some dinosaur bone puzzles; all for less than 10 bucks.

Mommy packed them up in our beach bag, and from there I loaded them up on the back of the 2015 Toyota Sienna we drove for the trip.

When we arrived at Casino Beach during one of our trips there, you and Mommy immediately began playing in the sand. I snuck over, just about 50 feet away from you, and dug 2 holes: one for the treasure chest and one for the dinosaur bones.

Right as I finished, you ran over to me in excitement. I explained to you that I thought I had just found a good place where someone might have buried some treasure.

Of course, from there, the magic began…

Here’s my video I made, capturing the whole event:

You were mesmerized by your finding for the rest of the weekend; proudly wearing your jewelry in the van and during lunch at the restaurant.

I could actually see this becoming a new tradition for us each time we go to the beach. I’m even imagining you getting old enough to figure out that it’s really just me hiding the treasures but where I would simply hide gifts that you want anyway.

And it’s all because in your own 4 and a half year-old creativity, your faith led you to believe that there truly would be hidden treasure there at the beach with Mommy and me.

Yes, the hidden treasure is definitely there if you’re looking for it.