Dear Holly: You Love Watching Peppa Pig While Eating Your Cereal in the Morning

4 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

Each morning as I am leaving for the gym before work, I kiss you goodbye as you are eating your peanut butter chocolate cereal at the kitchen table; while you watch Peppa Pig on Mommy’s old cell phone.

Last Sunday you ended up with about $17 to burn; after Mommy sold some of your old toys and clothes. What did you spend it on? A Peppa Pig playhouse that we found at Target for that exact amount.

Peppa Pig is a pretty big deal to you these days! And you start off the day with her every morning.



Dear Holly: It’s Always Dress-Up Time!

3 years, 5 months.

Dear Holly,

Whether it’s borrowing your brother’s superhero gear or dressing up as Peppa Pig, thanks to the accessories that came with your kitchen set last Christmas… you love to dress up!

At your school when I pick you up in the afternoons, I love to sneak up on you, as I see you playing in the Snow White dress from their dress-up wardrobe.

So now I’m starting to wonder, is Halloween really going to be that big of a deal to you here in a few weeks? It’s already as if everyday is Halloween!



Dear Holly: You and Mommy are My Beautiful, Lovely Ladies

2 years, 2 months.

Dear Holly,

Last week, one morning before Mommy left for work, I snapped a picture of her holding you. Though I see the two of you in person every day, there was something about seeing you both in that photograph, which reminded me of what I already know:

Half of the population of our household consists of beautiful, lovely ladies.

While your brother and I serve as the court jesters and the adventure enthusiasts, it is you and Mommy who bring a necessary sense of elegance to our home.

That’s not to say that your brother and I don’t inevitably influence you to appreciate things like the Incredible Hulk; that on your own, you might not naturally gravitate towards.

In fact, I have you convinced that your class pet, a dwarf hamster named Gus Gus, drives a big pick-up truck. Each morning as I’m dropping you off at your school, you now have a routine and verifying with me:

“Gus Gus drive truck.”

You’re asking me…. but you’re also telling me. I always assure you that indeed, Gus Gus drives a truck. Admittedly, I’m confused on some of the logistics on how that could be true. Maybe sort of an updated version of Ralph S. Mouse…

But you know what a truck is. You know what a Jeep is. And you know that those are desired vehicles to be driven by humans and/or dwarf hamsters.

Still though, our boyish influence on you is ultimately to serve as irony against the naturally girly ways that you and Mommy so effortless display.

I just don’t see it in the cards for you to be a tom boy.

Instead, you’re a girly girl who has an appreciation for Marvel and Star Wars related characters. But I’m pretty sure you’d still choose Peppa Pig over Chewbacca.