7 Benefits of Opting for Home Moving Services 

Shifting of the luggage or moving it from one house to the other is not a very easy thing to do. This is why I am going to give you an overview over here, which will allow you to see, what are things you need to do to get the required output in quick time.  

For the protection and efficient transportation of the luggage, you need to employ the services of home shifting agencies like Premiere Van Lines Edmonton. Let me tell you the benefits you will have if you will get that.


First and foremost, you need to understand that the protection of the furniture all the things of the house should be considered as a priority.

Many of the times the furniture is so expensive that you will have much loss if anything happens to those things.

This is why if you employ the services of home moving agencies then they will be able to give you the guarantee of the protection of furniture and stuff.


Time is of the essence, and if after hiring the home moving agency you can save time then this is very beneficial. These Agencies are going to give you the home moving services at a fast pace which will allow you to be relaxed and the work will be done in a quick time.


Efficiency is significant in every task, and if you are going to have the home mover services, then they will be able to give you the output with efficiency and you will originally have the luggage or furniture.


If you will try to move the luggage or furniture yourself while you are planning home moving services, then it is certain that you will not be able to get much manpower.  But the professional agency is not lacking the manpower so they will be able to accommodate all your needs.


Contrary to the beliefs of the people, the home moving services are not going to be very heavy on your pocket.  You can get affordable packages in this regard. You need to hire a good company for your work.


No matter where ever you are living across the world, you will be having many options regarding the packages the home moving Agencies are providing, and also you can find the agency according to your requirement and budget.

This will allow you to choose the agency which is near to your house or going to be very effective in your pocket.


Moving the luggage around or home moving procedure is very stressful for the mind. If you are going to do it yourself, then you will be having many problems.  This is why you need to employ the home moving services to have a relaxed and stress-free moving

These were some of the benefits you will have if you will go for the home moving services from the good agency, instead of doing the work yourself.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Moving With Kids And Pets (By Guest Blogger, University Moving and Storage)

No matter how you look at it, moving can be stressful — especially when you add kids and pets into the equation. Changing routines, packing everything you own and uprooting your household is a surefire recipe for stress regardless of who you are.

When you can’t understand why everything is in disorder, it’s even more difficult to cope. So when you’re moving with pets and kids, what can you do to ease the tension for the ones you love? To help answer that question, see the following tips and accompanying step-by-step guide to improving the way you move with children and pets.


The more you can prepare your household for a move, the better they’ll be able to handle it. Take advantage of the time you have prior to your move to help everyone efficiently cope. Two key ways to prepare:

· Practice traveling

· Talk about the move

With your kids especially, have conversations about what’s coming for the family. Make the idea of moving a journey, and get them involved in the prep work. Maybe you let them choose decorations for their new rooms, or drive them around the new neighborhood. Help them visualize what’s coming, as much as possible. Equally, if you know you’ll be spending a lot of time in the car during a long-distance move, get your family used to the idea. Practice with a few shorter trips to adapt everyone to what moving will involve.

Make Plans for Moving Day

Expect moving day to be frenzied, and do everything you can to ease that stress. Can you have friends watch your pets? Can you hire a sitter for the kids? Maybe you can keep your pet in an extra room or the backyard of your new home? If someone is keeping is your children and/or pets entertained while you’re unpacking, it’s possible to relieve a lot of stress associated with the move.

Post-Move Tips

Returning your pets and kids to their routines as soon as possible is a good way to help in the first days after a move. Set up food dishes and get your pet on a regular eating schedule. Give your kids their preferred toys as soon as you unpack. If there are certain things you regularly do as a family — such as taco Tuesdays or weekend movies — try to apply them when you’re transitioning. Getting back to routine provides comfort and security to little ones in the midst of change.

Check out the below infographic from University Moving and Storage for more information.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Moving With Kids And Pets created by moving company University Moving and Storage


Dear Jack: Saying Goodbye To KinderCare, Your Preschool Since July 2011

4 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack: Saying Goodbye To KinderCare, Your Preschool Since July 2011

Dear Jack,

A week from this Friday, Lord willing, we will officially be moving into our new house. And for you, that means you will start going to a just-opened preschool, right around the corner from where we will be living.

Since before Thanksgiving, we have been renting out a bedroom from some friends. It’s a very nice place to stay; but obviously, it’s a bit like living in a “tiny house” since there are three of us living in the same bedroom.

Dear Jack: Saying Goodbye To KinderCare, Your Preschool Since July 2011

Once we move, Mommy will be able to start working from home once a week.

Plus, she will start going in to work early (meaning I’ll be the one who will be getting you ready for school in the morning, which I am very happy about!) and therefore Mommy picking you up earlier than you’re used to.

I am also really excited about the extra quality time you will be able to spend with Mommy.

That’s why we’re moving you to this new school. KinderCare is great; there’s just not one where we’re moving.

Moving you to this new school near our new home is the best decision for our family, to have more quality time together now that’re moving 35 miles away from Nashville, to the “bedroom community” of Spring Hill.

We’ve had you enrolled at KinderCare since July 2011; since you were only 8 months old. As of today, you are 4 years, 2 months old.

Dear Jack: Saying Goodbye To KinderCare, Your Preschool Since July 2011

That makes 3 and a half years of your life, more than 80%, in which your daylight hours of weekdays have been spent at KinderCare. That’s a lot of time!

So it’s a big deal that you will no longer be going to school there. Two weeks from today will be your last day there.

You’ll have to officially say goodbye to all the friends you’ve made over the years, along with your teachers.

It’s even a little bit sad for me as well, because I’ll no longer taking you on the hour and a half or more daily round trip commute to school and work with you.

Dear Jack: Saying Goodbye To KinderCare, Your Preschool Since July 2011

Instead, I’ll drive you about 5 minutes to school each day. Then, Mommy will pick you up (earlier than you’re used to) and drive you back home the other 5 minutes.

Imagine that: Just 10 minutes in the car each day as compared to at least an hour and a half!

That’s good. Despite the quality time I’ll miss with you in the car each day, you won’t have to be in the car as much, plus you’ll be in school less than you’re used to, and you’ll get to spend more quality time with Mommy; which you definitely need more of.

It’s a bittersweet symphony, but I believe it’s definitely for the best. I’m looking forward to our family’s future.



Dear Jack: Our Blue House Is Being Painted/Our Last Week In Our Townhome

4 years.

Dear Jack: Our Blue House Is Being Painted/Our Last Week In Our Townhome

Dear Jack,

This past weekend, immediately following your 4th birthday party on Saturday, we led my side of the family in a caravan (your Nonna and Papa, along with Aunt Dana, Uncle Andrew, and cousin Calla) to see the progress on our new house we’re building.

As we drove near our cul-de-sac, Mommy yelled with excitement, “It’s blue!”

We had learned last week that the siding is actually made out of wood, and that it would be painted eventually. Well, the painting has definitely began.

2014 Scion FR-S back seat

Mommy was also very happy to see that our marble countertops are in; as well as the kitchen’s bar.

I was particularly happy to see that our garage doors are now in, along with automatic garage door openers; considering as long as Mommy and I have been married and lived in our townhome (over 6 years), we’ve never had a garage for our cars.

Dear Jack: Our Blue House Is Being Painted/Our Last Week In Our Townhome

Each time we visit our new house, I become even more satisfied with our decision to buy it, and therefore, to move out of our townhome.

Which, speaking of…

2014 Scion FR-S back seat

This apparently is our last week to live in our townhome! Mommy and I bought it brand-new in 2008, when we got married, but now it’s time to move out and move on.

Last night as I was saying goodnight to you, at your sleeping bag on top of a foam mat, I explained to you, “Jack, this is our last week to sleep and live in this house, because we’re going to be moving into the new one in January, in a couple months.”

2014 Scion FR-S back seat

At this point, other than mats to sleep on, in addition to enough food and clothing to by this week, our house is empty.

Papa helped Mommy and I move the rest of it to the storage facility over the weekend. Mommy had to secretly pack up two of your favorite stuffed animals in a box: Puppa the puppy and Cheaty the cheetah.

I had the opportunity to see if I could fit in the backseat of the 2014 Scion FR-S that I was reviewing for your birthday week. (I could.)

2014 Scion FR-S back seat

This coming weekend we’ll move our few remaining items in our personal vehicles to our friends’ house where we will be staying until January when our new house is ready.

Exciting times…



2014 Scion FR-S back seat

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Past Weekend

3 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

As I just mentioned in my previous letter, The Cabinets Are Now Installed In Our House, Nonna and Papa drove up this weekend to help us with our move into a nearby storage facility.

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

For the past several months, each Sunday after church as we’ve dropped off the recycling, we’ve also been dropping off bags of clothes and home goods to Goodwill.

And for the past several weeks, Mommy has been selling many of our home furnishings online. People bought our TV and stand, our coffee table, and this past weekend, our couch.

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

We figured with most of our home furnishings being around 7 years old, and for the fact we’ve already been stashing cash away for our new home’s furnishings, that we’d be better off just selling off some of our larger items instead of fooling around with having to move them.

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

So in theory, we will be able to buy a new couch, coffee table, TV and stand as we move in to our new house; which is somewhere around January 29th.

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

As would be expected from a nearly 4 year-old little boy (you’ll turn 4 this Sunday), you were extremely eager to help us with the move! All while wearing your Batman pajamas, of course…

I actually was pretty impressed with how quickly you could run with pillows and boxes and toys that were as big as you. You also were very handy with the broom. “I am brooming this right now,” you explained.

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

You loved running up and down the ramp on the moving truck. You were legitimately helping us move, Jack!

It was a work-filled weekend for sure, but as for now, most of our stuff is now in a 10 x 10 storage facility; including our box springs for our beds.

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

I think Mommy and I are pretty convinced we never plan to move out of the new house we’re building.

Meanwhile, you built an 18 wheeler out of Legos. As you explained, the drivers sit on top!

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

We celebrated the conclusion of the weekend’s hard work with some vegan burgers at Burger Republic; where you were a bit loopy, thanks to the wonderful combination of your beloved tater tots and the privilege of not having to take any naps this weekend while Nonna and Papa were in town!

Dear Jack: We Moved Most Of Our Stuff Into 10 x 10 Storage Unit This Weekend

The Cross Gendered Roles of Modern Parents

The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

July 18, 2011 at 11:00 pm , by 

Eight months.

The reset button has been pressed and the screen has faded to white.

Today my family began life back on the magical island (a reference to Lost) of Nashville where we have been destined to live. It was a big day for all three of us:

I returned back to the same office where I used to work; my wife started a new job back at Vanderbilt University where she worked previous to our move; and Jack went to daycare for the first time, or  ”baby boarding school” as I like to think of it.

(I will inevitably be writing an entire post about my feelings about him going to daycare, in the near future.)

For me, starting back over in Nashville today felt like waking up from a long stretch of amnesia, where I remember dreaming of a strange parallel universe I had been living in for eight months; only it wasn’t a dream.  It was real life.  It’s like suddenly having  a flash drive in the USB port of my brain which contains the acquired data to help me best function in this “redo” of my life.

As I rode my mountain bike from my office to Jack’s daycare to briefly visit him during my lunch break, I noticed several businesses and restaurants that have been replaced by new ones; while others are surprisingly still around. And in my office most of the same people were still there to welcome me back, though I saw several unfamiliar, and therefore strange, new people who were walking around the place as if they knew what they were doing.

But it was me who wasn’t there all along, for I was receiving my necessary life education lessons back in Alabama.  As of last night, we have officially unpacked our bags. Though we still have a lot of our stuff still in storage, there already is the undeniable sense of “home” for us here.  Because despite what we thought was right for us a year ago, we belong here, in Nashville.

I loved being back at my old office today. And my wife is really excited about her new job.  As for Jack, I will just have to assume he’s having a good time in daycare; hanging out with other babies who are the same age, yet a lot smaller than he is.  I know he’s in good hands, but it’s just tough that they are not our hands.

The time has come for all three of us to grow up and move forward; together as a family of three.

Photos courtesy of Moments in Time Photography in Fort Payne, Alabama: