Dear Holly: You are Pulling Yourself Up on Furniture/Puppy Mode

8 months.

Dear Holly: You are Pulling Yourself Up on Furniture/Puppy Mode

Dear Holly,

You are officially in puppy mode. That’s right- with your newfound curiosity now that you’ve learned to crawl, having you around the house is like having a cute little puppy among us.

I’ll be on the floor, playing with you, and then you’ll suddenly start crawling to the kitchen to follow Mommy around as she prepares dinner. You often just like to hang out near her feet…. like a puppy. I always warn her you’re there so she doesn’t step on you.

But right now your favorite thing to do is to crawl over to something you can use to pull yourself up on. You are always so proud of yourself once you are standing up. I can tell that you instinctively know what a big accomplishment it is!

It’s exciting to see how you’re just naturally wired to tackle whatever the next physical challenge is. It’s not like I’m reading articles online to help prepare you for the upcoming stage.

Instead, you just go ahead and get started on it; like it’s no big deal. I love your initiative!

Dear Holly: You are Pulling Yourself Up on Furniture/Puppy Mode

You only recently learned to crawl. It didn’t take long at all before you decided you were capable of more. Now here we are on the pulling up stage, which will lead to the standing up stage, and then the walking stage.

No, I’m not rushing you along in the process of growing up. But… I do admit, I’m looking forward to you turning 1 year old in April. By then, I predict you’ll reach a comfortable balance of increased physical mobility and a dependence more on solid foods (which means we get to save all that money we’ve been spending on formula- not to mention, having to clean all those bottles!), but you’ll still be in baby mode.

Or puppy mode…

Love, Daddy

Dear Holly: A Weekend of Crawling, Pink Eye, and Getting Your Picture Taken with Santa

7 months.

Dear Holly: A Weekend of Crawling, Pink Eye, and Getting Your Picture Taken with Santa

Dear Holly,

Though we didn’t take you outside to see it yourself, it has now officially snowed for the first time since you’ve been born. However, I did take your brother out for a few frigid minutes so he could play.

Actually, he helped me out by carrying some of your dirty diapers to the garbage, on his Spiderman skateboard.

It obviously wasn’t a good idea to take you outside in the cold, as you were in the middle of your introduction to pink eye.

Dear Holly: A Weekend of Crawling, Pink Eye, and Getting Your Picture Taken with Santa

However, that didn’t stop you from taking advantage of every moment to practice you newly acquired skill of crawling on the floor; something you conveniently learned just in time to show Nonna and Papa for Christmas.

You also had a lot of fun getting all dressed up to go get your picture made with Santa. Even at your young age, it is apparent to me you are totally enjoying being introduced to Christmas traditions.

With your big brother right next to you on Santa’s lap, you weren’t afraid at all of Santa, his elves, and all the bright lights. While you didn’t have a clue what was actually going on, you had a good time anyway.

Dear Holly: A Weekend of Crawling, Pink Eye, and Getting Your Picture Taken with Santa

I even got to see you open your first Christmas gift this week; one of your aunts sent you and your brother Jack some gifts. I loved being able to see you begin to tear the princess-themed wrapping paper off; with a little help from your brother.

We are now just a few days away from Christmas. As an adult, I am at least just as excited as you and your brother about Christmas. I am so excited about seeing your reaction to you opening your gifts, and inevitably, playing in all the wrapper paper afterwards.



Dear Holly: A Weekend of Crawling, Pink Eye, and Getting Your Picture Taken with Santa

Dear Holly: You are Officially Learning to Crawl

7 months.

Dear Holly: You are Officially Learning to Crawl

Dear Holly,

I have to remind myself that babies don’t just start crawling all at once. Instead, there is a subtle process leading up to it. And I’d have to say, you’re clearly in it right now.

It was like the moment you were able to start sitting up on your own was the moment you realized that you had the necessary basic skills to start teaching yourself to crawl.

The hardwood floor in the kitchen works pretty well for you, as compared to the carpet in the living room.

Mommy and I were seeing you go through the motions of crawling… without actually moving. You wanted it so bad. After our past couple of visits to Alabama when you saw your Cousin Darla crawling, you’ve set a goal to be able to join her.

Dear Holly: You are Officially Learning to Crawl

And you’re now showing some actual movement.

Over the weekend, Mommy motivated you by placing her phone a few feet away from you. Then I did the same thing with an empty bag of Bear Naked Granola Bites. You love squeezing empty, noisy bags. It is quite the authentic motivation for you.

I realize that you’ll be keeping me that much more on my toes once you’re able to crawl around, but I really won’t mind. This past week, I’ve really appreciated the fact I’ve been able to help Mommy prepare and clean up dinner.

Up until now, it’s been necessary for me to sit on the floor with you. Now that you can sit up, you enjoy having “activity time” on the floor.

I’m not rushing you growing up, but I definitely celebrate you accomplishing new things.

It’s like you are able to reason that the next big thing in life for you is being able to crawl. It’s like I can tell you want to do this not only for yourself, but also Mommy and me.



Dear Holly: You are Officially Learning to Crawl

Learning to Crawl and Working Out the Kinks

May 31, 2011 at 9:02 pm , by 

Six months.

baby crawling

We are on the brink of that epic moment, when Jack’s upcoming freedom of mobility becomes his parents’ newest responsibility.  At six months old, Jack is figuring out how to crawl.

Last Monday in between commercial breaks of The Bachelorette premiere, my wife Jill had just left the room and I was hanging out with Jack on his play rug. Having just muted the TV, I tossed the remote control aside.  It landed a few in front of Jack.

He got that intuitive look in his eyes.  Jack focused all his strength and energy on that piece of modern technology.  And then he went for it.  A few seconds later: mission accomplished- TV remote in mouth.

In a classic ’80′s sitcom tone, I called out to my wife: “Uh, Jill… you’re gonna want to see this…”.  I removed the remote control from Jack’s slimy hands (it was like taking candy from a baby), gave it another toss a few feet away from him, and again our son crawled towards the new location on the rug.

The Dadabase

Once Jack realized he could crawl, he didn’t stop until his bed time.  We learned that other great motivational tools include cell phones and cameras.  If it’s an electronic device, it’s worth the crawl.  Of course, at this point, his crawl isn’t perfected.

Instead, it reminds me of what Alex Pate got me for my 10th birthday at the local bowling alley on April 20th, 1991.  (More on that event in an upcoming post potentially entitled “Don’t Drop the Baby!”)…  I’m referring to a wind-up Ninja Turtles action figure called Creepy Crawling Splinter, because Jack’s crawl is so low to the ground and his legs sort of get lost in the shuffle.  It’s amazing, yet sort of hilarious.

My favorite crawling moment so far is when I came home from work recently, I took off my “work clothes” and placed them on the couch as I walked to the bedroom to grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  In the seconds that I was gone, Jack had looked up from his play rug and saw what he thought was his daddy.

babySo he crawled up to my pants’ leg, then made a sad crying noise when I didn’t respond. Yes, he saw my clothes and thought I was sitting there on the couch.  So he was really surprised when I walked up to him from the other room.

But as much weird stuff that goes on in our house in efforts to entertain Jack on a daily basis, I’m sure he won’t be questioning why he has two dads.  He’s more concerned with improving his mode of transportation.


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