Dear Holly: You Like to Help Put the Groceries Away

4 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

We’ve stumbled into a new routine over the past few weeks now on Saturday mornings: I buy groceries right after I go to the gym. Then once I get home and unload the groceries, you immediately start helping organize them so Mommy can put them away.

You also have this habit of when I unload the dryer, you run over and start folding all the towels- that’s your specialty!

It’s always such a sweet surprise whenever you volunteer to help me with household chores, without ever even asking me if you can… of course, you know the answer is always yes.



Dear Jack: Your New “Household Chores for Cash” Program

8 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

Every night after dinner now, you and I now tag-team drying the dishes. Specifically, you handle drying and putting away the countless number of plastic water bottles, cups, and containers it apparently takes for our family to function on a daily basis.

Plus, every Wednesday and Sunday, you are now responsible for collecting the garbage from the five smaller wastebaskets throughout our house, so that I can combine them with the tall kitchen garbage, then take them outside to the main garbage bin.

I must say, this system has been working very well over the past few weeks in has been in effect.

For a few dollars a week, I am impressed by the way you get the work done amazingly without complaining.

Sure, the money helps- but I also recognize you’re definitely old enough now to secretly crave some sense of responsibility.