Dear Jack: A New Bike, as an Early Birthday Present!

8 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

In just 2 days, you will be turning 9 years years old!

It won’t be long before you get to open all your birthday presents.

Fortunately, when Nonna and Papa were up at our house a few weeks ago, they gave you their gift early, so that you can enjoy it before the weather starts getting too cold to enjoy it.

You had clearly outgrown your old bicycle. The pedals were nearly hitting the asphalt.

So now, you have the new and improved version. It’s cool to be able to see the two compared right next to each other.

You are growing up!



Dear Jack: Your First Bicycle Ever- Christmas Came Early, Again

5 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack: Your First Bicycle Ever- Christmas Came Early, Again

Part of Christmas came early while we were at Nonna and Papa’s house a couple of weeks ago when they surprised you and your cousin Calla with your very own bikes for when you visit. This is your very first bike… it’s a big deal!

You and Calla got to work right away, driving down Nonna and Papa’s new driveway. I helped you as Uncle Andrew helped Calla.

The main thing you really needed my help with learning how to use the brakes. It took a few tries before you were able to get the muscle memory down of peddling backwards to stop.

You learned the hard way when we made it all the way into the neighbor’s yard across the street and almost crashed into a tree, as I saved you just in time. But you learned how to brake.

However, your main concern wasn’t to learn how to ride a bicycle, but instead, to race your cousin down the driveway.

“Calla, I’m beating you!” you repeatedly taunted.

She kept reminding you, “It’s not a race, Jack. I’m just having fun.”

Then when she eventually was in the lead, you declared, “Calla, all you care about is winning!”

You even became concerned that Dana pushing Cousin Darla in the stroller would beat you in a race. You didn’t take them lightly.

However, the spirit of competition ceased once the two of decided to take a break and jump on the trampoline; which is another Christmas gift that Nonna and Papa gave you and Calla early this year before the weather gets too cold.

When you got back to school the next Monday and one of the teachers asked you how your weekend was, you immediately responded with a big smile, “I got a bike!”

Needless to say, you are very happy about your very first bike, as well as the trampoline, for you to enjoy whenever you go to visit Nonna and Papa’s.



Dear Jack: Your First Bicycle Ever- Christmas Came Early, Again