Dear Holly: Your 1st Ever Show-and-Tell at School

5 years, 1 month.

Dear Holly,

Last week made the first official time I ever recall you having a show-and-tell at your school.

I helped you prepare what to say, in case you didn’t know once it was your turn.

You chose the Wellie Wishers doll that you got for your 1st birthday from American Girl.

Back when we bought it for you, Mommy and I chose the Willa one because she had strawberry blonde hair and an adventurous personality.

Four years letter, the prophecy came true; as the little girl version of you has definitely fulfilled our prediction!

Your teacher immediately agreed!



Dear Holly: You and Isabella Have Matching Dolls of Yourselves

4 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

Recently, your friend Isabella came over to our house to visit. She brought you a fun Christmas gift, that happened to match one of her own:

It is a miniature American Girl doll that looks like you, to compliment the doll that Isabella got that looks like her.

You have been carrying around your “Little Holly” with you everywhere we go- in the car, to school, and to bed.

It’s always a nice surprise to get a Christmas present, after Christmas.

And this one was especially thoughtful- as you and Isabella both now have one!



Dear Holly: Your Hysterical Crazed Reaction to Getting Your 1st American Girl Doll on Your 1st Birthday

1 year.

Dear Holly,

Back in December, Mommy and I proactively bought your main birthday gift. We picked Willa, the American Girl doll, as she seemed to best match your complexion and personality.

After months of living in a closet, Willa finally got to meet you this week for your 1st birthday!

I will never forget your reaction to realizing what was in that box, as you were tearing off the wrapping paper. Once you saw her face smiling through the plastic window, you literally jumped out of Mommy’s arms and scurried on top of the box.

Mommy picked you up and lifted the box up so you get a better look. Your eyes opened wider than I’ve ever seen before. It was a crazed, and hysterical, look you had.

You were immediately fanatical, as if to say, “Hey, how do I help her get out of there?!”

I must say, I saw a side of you I had never seen before. It was as if a new part of your personality became unlocked.

Granted, you authentically loved the Guardians of the Galaxy raccoon I had gotten you just a few days before; which is marketed more as a boy’s toy. You naturally can appreciate a toy that is not specifically a “girl’s toy”, which is also evidenced by your fascination with your brother’s Monster Jam monster truck he lets you play with each morning before school, as I’m packing everything in my car.

However, it was very obvious that as a sweet little girl, you instinctively were connected to Willa, the American Girl doll.

It was a thrill for me to see you that way. I am just so happy I get to watch my little girl grow up.

I guess you’re starting the American Girl doll obsession early.