Dear Holly: I’m Currently Obsessed with This Picture of You at the Circus

7 months.

Dear Holly: I’m Currently Obsessed with This Picture of You at the Circus

Dear Holly,

I am constantly taking pictures of you; wherever we are. But in particular, out of the hundreds I took during our family’s visit to the circus this past Saturday, there is one that I just can’t get over…

It’s the picture I captioned on Facebook with, “Fascinated by it all.”

While your brother definitely enjoyed the circus, I’m convinced that you were even more intrigued than he was. The way your big blue eyes were wide open, as well as your mouth, as you appeared to be mesmerized by what you are seeing.

From the lights, to the music, to the acrobats… you were truly fascinated by it all.

The world is still very new to you. I see it every day with you; that you are full of wonder and awe of everything that is presented to you.

But I also love how simply adorable you are in the picture. Your cuteness is very evident to me. The lights hit your skin in a way that really brings out the pink in your tone, which happens to match your cute little hoodie.

I’ve saved this picture on my phone as the wallpaper. I love to see it throughout the day- and I really enjoy showing off your picture to people. For those who haven’t seen a picture of you recently, this one is an exceptional photo to show them.

Seriously, you are such an adorable little baby girl.

You do this thing where if you are laying down and you see me walking towards you from across the other side of the room, you smile so big and so proud as if to say, “Daddy, aren’t I pretty?”

My answer will be the same every time: Of course you are… and don’t forget precious too!



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