Dear Holly: Look at that Strawberry Blonde Hair Coming Through!

6 months.

Dear Holly: Look at that Strawberry Blonde Hair Coming Through!

When I think of things that motivate me in life, one of them is spending time with you each morning before I take you and your brother to school. I love seeing you in whatever cute little outfit Mommy puts you in.

You have now graduated my world-famous “Cry It Out” program, so now you are sleeping all night, then waking up so happy and refreshed.

I officially realized recently that you are a morning person. That’s part of why I enjoy spending that time with you so early in the day: Because all I have to do is just appear, and you automatically are sincerely happy to see me.

How could anyone see your smile and not want to smile back?

And also with each new morning, I get to see you evolve one step closer to “little girl” from “infant” status. Your personality now is everything I predicted based on the hints I saw in you as a newborn.

It’s always been easy to compare you to a kitten. You are playful and fun and adorable.

You’re also obviously growing physically as well. You’re still around the 80th percentile for height, but are now down to the 18th percentile for weight.

Despite your big appetite and how much Mommy and I constantly feed you, you maintain your tall and slender frame.

When your brother was your age, I called him my baked potato. He was such a sturdy, solid mass. He didn’t really have a neck until he was about two years-old; not to mention, he had a noticeable belly until about that age as well.

As for you, you’re the complete opposite. Though you’re undeniably strong, you’re like my baby ballerina.

It is such a fun thing for me to look forward to- the thought of seeing you grow up.

And look at that hair finally starting to come through. I was starting to think you might not have hair until you were 2 years old.

I actually thought you might end up being a red head, as I clearly could see that being hinted in the pictures below I took of you during the 4th of July.

Dear Holly: Look at that Strawberry Blonde Hair Coming Through!

But just like your brother had when he was very young, you have light blonde hair growing in. But yours, in particularly, appears to be strawberry blonde.

I am so happy to see you grow up just a little every day. You’re such a pretty little girl.



Dear Holly: Look at that Strawberry Blonde Hair Coming Through!

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