Manly Vegan: I Haven’t Consumed More than Zero % of My Daily Cholesterol Allowance since April 2013 (The Difference between Good Fat and Bad Fat)

Today I introduce the first 5 episodes of my newest video series, Manly Vegan

Today I introduce the first 5 episodes of my newest video series, Manly Vegan...

The stereotypical assumption from most people when they learn that I’ve been a vegan for nearly 3 and a half years is, “Well are you sure you’re getting enough protein?” However, no one has yet to address this issue: “Well are you getting enough cholesterol?”

The fact is, I’ve consumed less than 1% of my daily cholesterol allowance since April 2013; when I became a vegan. Sure, it’s true that even vegan food contains cholesterol…

Avocados, cashews, and even vegetable oil contain a high amount of fat and therefore, some cholesterol.

But even then, it’s never enough to register as 1% or higher on the food labels.

Prove me right by going right now to your pantry or refrigerator. Look on the back of a jar of peanut butter. Check out the high fat content yet the 0% amount of cholesterol.

Now look at the carton of eggs in your refrigerator. Check out how much of your daily cholesterol is in just one egg. The least amount I’ve ever seen is 56%, but most are closer to at least 65%.

Imagine that. My vegan lifestyle prohibits me from ever being able to consume even just 1% of my daily cholesterol; yet just one egg equates to over half of a person’s daily cholesterol.

However, I’m still eating plenty of fat from plants.

Therefore, it is undeniable that vegans have an advantage in that while we still do consume a minuscule amount of cholesterol most days, it never amounts to even 1% of our daily allowance.

So what’s the difference between good fat and bad fat? That’s easy:

If it came from a plant, meaning it contains less than 1% of your daily cholesterol allowance, it’s good fat.

If it came from an animal, meaning that it likely contains more than 1% of your daily cholesterol allowance, it’s bad fat.

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