Dear Holly: You are Now 3 Months Old

3 months (13 weeks).

Dear Holly: You are Now 3 Months Old

Dear Holly,

This past Sunday you not only turned 13 weeks old, but you also turned 3 months old! Granted, I wasn’t there with you, since you and Mommy have been spending the week in California while Mommy is finishing up maternity leave.

I’m happy that everyone in Sacramento got to meet you and spend time with you this week, but I’ve definitely been ready to get you back home.

Mommy texted me a couple of days ago to announce the great news that you rolled over on your tummy for the first time! My first thought was how I wish I could have been there to see it, but then I remembered:

Even if you and Mommy would have been here in Tennessee like normal, I still wouldn’t have been able to witness it because I would have been at work.

Oh well, I know that once you get home , I’ll be able to see you roll over plenty!

Mommy also texted me that you are now 25 inches long. You are growing up fast.

The thing I’m most curious about right now is whether or not you’re going to have red hair, as it currently appears to be the case…

I know your brother Jack is really looking forward to seeing you again as well. When he and I went to the movies last weekend, he took one of your outgrown dresses and put it on one of his stuffed animals, calling the panda bear “Baby.”

Dear Jack: Our 1st Father and Son Road Trip- Ghostbusters and The BFG (in the 2016 Lexus ES Hybrid)

During both movies, he held Baby tightly and she was wrapped up in a blanket, as Jack treated her like an actual baby.

Whether or not he realizes it, I do: Sometimes he subconsciously pretends his stuffed animals are you.

Jack and I will be so glad to have you and Mommy back home.



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