Dear Jack: You Spent Your Own Money on a Bag of Non-GMO Potato Chips

Dear Jack: You Spent Your Own Money on a Bag of Non-GMO, Organic Potato Chips

Being raised by two Dave Ramsey followers as parents, I’m sure to some degree, your version of reality might differ from some of your friends and classmates.

This past Saturday, we decided to drive down to one of the Portlandia-type parts of Nashville: 12 South. We had lunch at a place called Sloco; a sandwich shop that specializes in local ingredients.

After we picked out our vegan and vegetarian sandwiches, we each picked out a bag of non-GMO, potato chips; the only brand they carried was one I had never heard of: Deep River Snacks.

Near the end of the meal, you still had half of your bag of chips remaining, yet you asked Mommy and me for another bag.

You insisted, “But I want more for later. I really like these chips. They’re the best chips I’ve ever had.”

We explained to you that if you were willing to spend some of your remaining Christmas gift money on the chips, then that would be fine; but that we weren’t going to spend any more of our family’s budgeted food money on your extra bag of chips.

With little hesitation, you agreed. I walked you up to the counter and you purchased the chips: $1.62.

This sort of amazed me and Mommy.

It seems all you’ve ever spent your own money on has been stuffed animals and a few monster trucks.

But chips? Seriously, they were that good in your mind.

Unsurprisingly, that night for dinner you asked us if you could eat your 2nd bag of chips with your meal.

I figured if the chips really meant that much to you, how could I say no?

This story is so funny to me because I’ve never seen you so passionate about any food item.

And they were just plain chips. Just a few ingredients; potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt.

Honestly, I’m proud that they were non-GMO (and kosher). That part is surely lost on you.

Good chips are good chips. And sometimes they’re apparently worth spending your own money on.




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