How to Know If Your Hairline is Receding

I remember when I was 19, asking the lady who cuts my hair if my hairline was starting to recede or not. She looked closely at my scalp, and confirmed:

“Yes, it is. See how this hair right here up front is shorter than the rest? That’s how you know.”

Like someone having just heard their own death sentence, I asked, “How much time do you think I have before it starts becoming obvious that I’m gradually losing my hair?”

(Because to a 19 year-old boy, the issue seems to hold that much weight.)

I took it like a man when she told me: “I’d say about 35. You’re probably safe until you are 35 years old.”

Vegans Don’t Get Enough Protein and the World is Still Flat

Being just 19 at the time, I remember what a scary thought it was to imagine that if she was wrong, since my receding hairline had definitely begun, that I could be a victim of early male pattern baldness before I was even in my mid-20s.

Fifteen years have passed since that day.

I’ve made it to age 34, just 7 months away from that fateful birthday when I turn 35. My genes have been good to me.

While I won’t make it to my 50s and still have a full head of hair and a “straight across hairline” like Brad Pitt or John Stamos, or Tony Danza in his 60s, I reached my goal of making it until at least the time I got married.

With all that being said, I now realize how it didn’t even matter anyway, as this video I made explains:

Life experience has taught me that hair loss is one of those things that guys allow themselves to worry about and even become preoccupied by.

Like worrying about your height. Or your size; I’m being discreet about that, in case you’re reading between the lines.

There are companies across the world who are eager to make money off you by selling you the false hope of giving you the “cure”.

They play on your emotions related to you losing your hair, or not being tall enough, or big enough (again, I’m being discreet); they will try to scare you with “the ladies agree size really does matter.”

That’s all garbage.

Are you a man who is sincere, hard-working, creative, caring, passionate, funny, and emotionally intelligent?

Those are the things that make you attractive and respectable and cool as a man.

It’s not about that other stuff.

Just imagine how liberated your mind can become once you accept this as truth, instead of the lies you allow yourself to believe.

I wish someone would have explained this to me when I was 19.


2 thoughts on “How to Know If Your Hairline is Receding

  1. When I saw a hair restoration specialist/expert I was already almost certain that I was finally going bald. I was just looking for confirmation from an professional. He was also a salesman and offered me a full range of very expensive and probably ineffective remedies, plus painful, expensive hair transplants. I politely declined and left his office. All the tell tale signs were there. My hairline was receding fast enough for me to notice the difference between haircuts. My hairline was populated by short, thin, fine hairs that could easily be pulled out without my even feeling them being pulled. I had begun to see a lot more loose hair on my pillow every morning and there was a lot of my hair clogging the shower drain. Not only that, the hair on top of my head that would soon disappear was growing in finer and finer and came out in my hands when I ran my fingers through my hair. The hair on my sides and back was and dense and thick as ever. I was hoping it was not just my imagination, but it was beginning to look like the start of a bald spot back at the crown of my head. Any other guy noticing these symptoms would have suffered a panic attack and fallen into deep depression. Not me. To say that I was thrilled would be an understatement. My wife noticed and asked me if I was alright. I said, “I’ve never been better, but I’m not sure you will agree.” She said, “Try me.” I thought ‘here goes nothing!’ “I’m going bald and was told it’s going to happen fast. I hope you don’t mind.” She said, “Really? Who told you?” I told her about my consultation with the hair restoration ‘expert’. I watched her for a negative reaction, but got a huge smile and a hug instead. She then said, “I don’t mind it one bit. As a matter of fact, I have always secretly wished you would someday go bald. I think bald men are sexy. How do you feel about it?” Right then and there I confessed to her my secret wish. I let it all out. “I love male pattern baldness and I want to go bald. Today being told that I would be going bald was what I have been waiting for all my life.” We celebrated.
    Within a few months it was obvious to everyone that I was going bald. I would overhear comments at work and family members would commiserate with me on the loss of my hair, even though I was feeling joy and not grief. I got numerous gratuitous ideas and suggestions on how to regrow my hair. I thanked everyone for their suggestions and then ignored them. Two years after my visit to that hair expert, I was Norwood 6 bald. That was fast. In retrospect, though, I believe I had been slowly balding for many years, but I just didn’t notice it. Baldness sneaked up on me. I’ve read that by the time you notice you are going bald, you have already lost 50% or more of your hair.
    My dad once told me “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.” I finally got it and I’m really, really glad I got it. A guy with a long shaggy mane once told me bald guys don’t know what their are missing. I replied that I knew what I was missing, only I wasn’t missing it. I don’t miss my hair and you couln’t pay me enough to grow it back.


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