Why Family Friendly Daddy Blog is Unique

Dear Jack: Our Family’s Visit to Gentry’s Farm in Franklin, TN

It’s common knowledge there aren’t nearly as many daddy bloggers as there are mommy bloggers; but to take it a step further, I specialize in family friendliness in my documented male perspective of parenthood.

On my blog, I believe in keeping things upbeat, positive, constructive, and artistic; and in particular, void of profanity, violence, or innuendos.

Dear Jack: Our Family’s Visit to Gentry’s Farm in Franklin, TN

I want my blog to be an escape from negativity. I want to regularly expose my readers to a narrative featuring a traditional, loving, committed family.

Modern popular culture tries to sell us on this idea: “You don’t need a man in your life to raise a child or a family.”

Meanwhile, I instead see the invaluable importance of an involved husband and father.

Dear Jack: Our First Time to Carve Pumpkins

Billy Graham states it this way:

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets to our society.”

Therefore, those of us husbands and fathers who do sacrifice everything for our families, who I believe are the majority, not the exception to the rule, fly under the radar.

That’s because we’re not broadcasting our good deeds and our loyalty to our family. We have nothing to prove to the rest of the world. Our family is our world.

Dear Jack: We Rode in a Real Monster Truck at the Spring Hill Ham Festival!

Perhaps my role as a “family friendly daddy blogger” is to help celebrate fatherhood.

Most of my blog posts are weekly letters I write to my children. I enjoy, in real time, serving as their narrator; sharing picture collages to illustrate the stories I tell them about what is going on in their lives that week.

My goal is for my subtle stories to convey the message of the importance of family; and that the dad character is a crucial element in that formula.

Dear Holly or Logan: You’re Due on April 21, 2016

It used to bother me that the committed father and husband character on TV shows is typically either portrayed as a bumbling fool (Tim Allen of Home Improvement) or a widowed saint (Danny Tanner of Full House).

Apparently, the concept of an involved husband and father who is not a walking bio-hazard and whose wife is still alive is difficult to capture in a television program.

But that doesn’t bother me anymore. I can’t control that.

What I can control is my family friendly daddy blog and how I positively portray fatherhood to a sometimes skeptical world that tends to forget that we committed husbands and fathers really do exist; and that we aren’t such a rare breed after all.

Dear Jack: Family in a Camry- “Daddy Date”


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