Dear Jack: Mother’s Day 2015/Adirondack Chairs

4 years, 5 months.

Dear Jack: Mother's Day 2015

Dear Jack,

This year for Mother’s Day, Mommy decided she wanted a new ceramic cup for her coffee she makes each morning, some Adirondack chairs for our porch, and quality time as a family.

So that’s exactly what we made happen this weekend.

We started off with your next-to-the-last soccer game of the season…

Dear Jack: Mother's Day 2015

Then we had a fun lunch at Whole Foods, where they were having a special promotion in which 100% of the proceeds went to benefit the victims of Nepal; since their recent earthquake.

Mommy and I really enjoyed our vegan hot dogs the workers grilled for us!

Dear Jack: Mother's Day 2015

After your nap back at the house, you and I practiced our shooting into the lot across their street where they are building one of the last houses of our immediate neighborhood.

Dear Jack: Mother's Day 2015

Then, we all just hung out on the front porch. Mommy and I enjoyed the new Adirondack chairs, while you were perfectly content to play in your newly purchased (with your birthday money from last November) sand box.

So it sounds like Mommy got just what she wanted for Mother’s Day this year.

Not to mention, you and I made this little video for her…





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