Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

(End of the Line Cafe, featured above.)

When I travel, I like to feature the “vegan friendliness” of the city I am spending time in. I like being able to share with other like-minded people where they can go to eat, showing them they do indeed have healthy options. Here’s my video I made for this occasion…

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Now it’s time for me to feature Pensacola, where my family took a mini vacation recently while driving a 2015 Toyota Sienna.

I can assure you that if you are wondering whether you can make a plant-based diet work in Pensacola, you’ve got nothing to worry about… whatsoever.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

If you’re going to be there for a few days like we were, I definitely recommend stopping first at Everman Cooperative Grocery and Café. It’s a lot like Whole Foods, just a little smaller.

You can stock up on all your essentials there. For us, that was things like Larabars, coconut water, and Kombucha.

But while you’re there, you’ll realize what a great place it is to actually eat a meal at. Their café provided so many options for our family’s diverse tastes. We ended up having at least 3 or 4 meals there. My wife particularly loved their smoothie bar.

So whereas Everman Cooperative Grocery and Café makes for the perfect base if you’re unable to cook your own meals, there are 3 other obvious options in Pensacola…

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

The first is Mellow Mushroom. Obviously, this pizza joint is known for catering to the plants-based crowd. My wife and I never have to worry; we can easily order a vegan cheese pizza with veggies. (We actually dined at the one in Destin, but there is one in Pensacola as well.)

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

As far as the other two options, they are both artsy. At Sluggo’s, we enjoyed meatless, dairy free, “meaty” sandwiches.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

And at End of the Line Café, we enjoyed some meatless, dairy free, “meaty” burritos.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

There’s no question that all of these places served delicious and fun food. After all, they are very focused on healthy eating, therefore the quality is there by default.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

Actually, there was one more that I almost forgot about. Jaco’s, in downtown Pensacola, right there on the pier. They are absolutely not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant by any stretch; however, they were very accommodating to our dietary restrictions; my son is a vegetarian, not a vegan. My wife said it was her favorite and that we definitely have to go back there next time we’re in the area.

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

So there you have it: Yes, you can totally enjoy a vegan and/or vegetarian experience in Pensacola, Florida. Thanks for reading!

Vegan Friendly Review of Pensacola, FL

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