Vegan Friendly Review Of Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe

Earlier this summer our family took an awesome road trip/family vacation while reviewing the 2014 Toyota Highlander, which we drove round trip from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe.

FIreside Pizza Company Squaw Valley

While there in Squaw Valley, I kept a close watch on the “vegan friendliness factor” of the area; as I recently wrote a vegan friendly review of the city of Atlanta.

Vegan Friendly Review Of Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe

This review is for the growing minority of Americans who are living the plant-based life, or who are at least curious or open-minded about it, and may be travelling through Lake Tahoe; specifically, Squaw Valley, home of the 1960 Olympics.

Vegan Friendly Review Of Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe

It was this trip that our family officially realized the greatness of cheese-less veggie pizza.

Right where we stayed, at The Village at Squaw Valley is Fireside Pizza Company, my favorite restaurant of the entire Lake Tahoe area.

Fireside Pizza Company

We dined there at least 3 times during our stay. We were able to get vegan pizza; yes, the crust and sauce are vegan.

The food was delicious and fresh; and honestly, the prices were not bad at all.

Stony Ridge Vegan Friendly Review Of Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe

Venturing out of Squaw Valley just a few miles towards Lake Tahoe is Stony Ridge Uncommon Kitchen, a healthy cafe style restaurant at the back of a holistic grocery store called New Moon Natural Foods; where we were able to stock up on goods.

Stony Ridge Uncommon Kitchen

Vegan Friendly Review Of Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe

We also happened upon a Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company, which serves vegan burgers; given that you don’t order the type of bun brushed in butter. I was happy!

Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company

Close to Stony Ridge Uncommon Kitchen is a grocery story called Save Mart Supermarkets, that in the likeness of Kroger, has a vegan-friendly section.

Save Mart Supermarkets

They even had my favorite Kombucha… on sale!

vegan Kombucha Lake Tahoe

Between all those options, we had everything we needed.

I will say that we also dined at a Mexican place called El Toro Bravo, but they didn’t understand what “vegan” means.

El Toro Truckee

Their “vegan burrito” (that I invented and ordered off menu) included cheese on the 1st go-around. They got it right the 2nd time, though.

Also, I verified that their chips are fried in vegetable oil, not lard.

So yes, you can make the trip to Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe a plant-based one. Hopefully you have found my vegan friendly review to be helpful… or at leastly oddly entertaining!

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