dad from day one: License to Procreate

Twenty-eight weeks.  (The beginning of the 7th month.)

I’ve been thinking how it’s kinda weird that in order for two people to reproduce, there’s no paperwork involved before things can get started.  Giving birth to another human being is one of the most life-changing events that can happen to a person.  And not just to the family of that new baby, but also to the world-wide network regarding that human interaction of that person’s present and future life.  For example, in 1981, my parents had me, and now 29 years later there’s a guy at Aflac getting a commission off my paycheck every week because he sold me an insurance policy three years ago.  I am affecting that Afflec guy’s life simply because I am alive.  And that’s the slightest of examples!

In the back of my mind, I question why God is okay with the fact that it’s so easy and natural for human beings to be born.  If I was God, I would be pretty tempted to prevent certain people from being born, like Adolf Hitler (a pretty obvious choice).  And not let future serial killers and rapists be born either.  Instead, God allows all kinds of people are allowed to be born into this world, under the best and worst circumstances.

But God doesn’t prevent “ignorant people” from having babies, nor does He keep “bad people” from being born into the world, nor does He prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Ultimately, every time a person is born, it’s another opportunity for someone to bring glory to Him, whether they ever do or do not.  Not every child who was abused in their youth grows up to repeat the vicious cycle and by becoming an abuser themselves, even if most do.  And what about all the babies who were born into this world as a result of rape?  What about all the orphans throughout the history of the world who were born destined to die young of starvation or disease?

It’s pretty easy for babies to be born, given that that the father and mother physically can conceive.  No paperwork and background check required.  So as I tame my wildest fears regarding all the ways I can mess up this kid who is planning to arrive in two months, I have to remind myself, millions of babies have been born into this world under the worst of circumstances and actually turned out okay.  My future is as unpredictable and uncertain as anyone’s.  Yet I must daily resist thoughts of financial concerns and pointless worries regarding my own conceived incompetence.  But all I really can do is enjoy this new life and remind myself of all the countless times God has provided for me before.

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8 thoughts on “dad from day one: License to Procreate

  1. Nick, great blog! Just remember as long as you love this little one the most that you are capable of and his Mother, you can’t go wrong. God will do the rest. Just give yourself, your wife, and your child over to Him everyday and trust that He has ALL things in HIS control and do your best to show this child and Jill Gods love and all will be well. You will know you are doing the best that you can. Take one day at a time, enjoy every moment cuz they pass so quickly, be patient and Love like crazy!!!


  2. Man, you make it sound like no big deal. But gosh, I’d be freaking out. I’d be sooooo nervous. It’s a new life!!!! This is huge. Everything, and I mean everything rests on your shoulders. Wow, Nick, I’d be concerned, worried, uncertain, and fearing wildly. Well, if I was you I mean.


  3. It’s all by the grace of God! Nothing shows you how inadequate and weak and selfish you are more than parenthood. It’s a great way to experience more of God’s grace and strength. Prepare to be so humbled and so blessed! Excited for you guys as you get closer to seeing your child face to face!


  4. Another Great Article! You are a Great Guy! Keep the faith, remain committed, be LOVE! And don’t forget that when the tests come, because they show up after you have CHILDREN! You will surely learn repentance, forgiveness, how to punish, and how not to create SLAVERY and who needs REDEMPTION! All needed to enter the Kingdom of God! God Bless!


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