How Race and Religion are Connected and Why Isaac and Ishmael are behind It All

This is me in a video I made for you, which explains all this in a 5 and a half minute video, in case you prefer that over reading the 1378 word blog post below it, which I wrote 7 years ago.

Meet your great-grandfather Isaac.  Or Ishmael.  Or maybe even both…

How do you determine who ethnically is a “white person” and who is not?  Are Jews considered to be white?  What about Greeks and Italians?  And though Central and South Americans typically have tan skin, why is it there something about them still seems sort of white, as opposed to a person from India or China? These are some of the “side effect” questions that will be answered as I explain my theory on the origin of race and religion.

No, this theory doesn’t start with Adam and Eve.  Nor does it start with Noah and his family repopulating the world after the Great Flood.  It starts 20 generations after Adam, and 10 generations after Noah, with Abraham (the father of the Jewish and the Arab people), being promised by God that he would have a son in his old age.  After waiting and having no sign of this coming true, Abraham’s wife Sarah convinced him to sleep with their Egyptian maidservant Hagar, in order to have a son to carry on the family lineage.  At age 86, Abraham goes with his wife’s plan (like the way Adam ate the fruit after Eve convinced him to) and has a son with his maidservant- the son is named Ishmael.  However, 13 years later Abraham’s wife Sarah gets pregnant with a son, as God promised, and this son is named Isaac.

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Abraham eventually sends away his maidservant Hagar and his son Ishmael into the wilderness (Genesis 21:14), and raises Isaac his as true first-born son.  Today, thousands of years later, it is through Ishmael that Arabs and Muslims link their heritage through.  Accordingly, Jews and Christians trace through heritage back to Isaac.  Now we are in the meat of my theory.

As generations passed and both families migrated from their Middle Eastern homelands, the descendants of Ishmael moved south and east- to Africa, Asia, and America (becoming the Native American Indians in North America and the Aztec Indians in Central and South America).  In fact, the angel of the Lord told Hagar that Ishmael “will live east of all his brothers” (Genesis 16:12).  Meanwhile the descendants of Isaac moved north and west- to Europe, Russia, and eventually to America (killing off, running off, or marrying the Native American Indians).

Notice how today the countries that are represented by the descendants of Ishmael are generally practice religions that do not involve the Judeo-Christian God (worshipped by Christians, Catholics, and Jews) but instead are tied Hinduism, Animism, Taoism, Buddhism, Communism (Atheism) and Islam.  And of course the descendants of Isaac are matched to the Christianized nations: For example, Scotland is mainly Protestant, Ireland is mainly Catholic, and England is mainly Anglican (Presbyterian).

Almost 2,000 years ago thanks the Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys to preach Christ where the Jews had already settled (in Europe, specifically the Mediterranean areas) and also the birth of Christianity as a whole, the countries that were already familiar with the Judeo-Christian God were basically the first to get introduced to Jesus as the Messiah.  As far as all the Ishmael-descended areas, like modern day Africa and Asia that were less familiar or not familiar at all with Christianity, they were not and have not typically been as generally open and accepting to “our God” as Isaac’s descendants.

The Ishmaelese Middle East

Ishmaelese Africa

Ishmaelese Asia

I do believe that whether or not a nation (or individual person) is a descendent of Isaac has much to do with their religion, race, and culture.  However, there are obviously exceptions.  One of them is Russia, which had been mainly Christian up until the point of its embrace of Communism.  Another exception is African-Americans, whom most identify with Christianity, as opposed to most Africans living in Africa.

And then there’s the “half breed” nations that make up Central and South America.  For the most part, their blood is mixed of Indigenous Americans (Native American, Aztec, etc.) who migrated from Asia through modern day Alaska, and European lineage from those who “discovered” America.  So in essence, the inhabitants of modern day Central and South America are half Isaackian, half-Ishmaelese; though they have accepted the religious beliefs of Isaac’s descendants (largely Catholic).  Read more about this here:

Yes, I did just now make up and use the words Isaackian (to describe the descendants of Isaac who are prone to believe in the Judeo-Christian God) and Ishmaelese (to describe the descendants of Ishmael who typically do not).  And now that you hopefully understand what those terms represent, I will begin using them frequently.

What started much of this thought process was when I recently began “Climbing the Family Tree” and realized that so many of my ancestors had last names that are Jewish (Schell, Klaar, Ullman, Wiseman, Vite) yet there is no solid proof that I actually am- only family rumors and tradition.  If I assume that none of the people in my family tree were Jewish, well, still, I have Jewish names in my family tree.  So that got me thinking, Jewish people and “white people” are essentially the same thing, coming from the same common ancestors.  Whereas someone who is Japanese (Ishmaelese) wouldn’t have last names in their family tree that would resemble a Jewish last name.

So going back to one of the questions I asked in the beginning, are Jewish people considered to be white?  Yes.  Though their homeland is Israel and though they are a Middle Eastern people group, they blend in with us Americans so well.  And that’s part of my fascination with pointing out which celebrities are Jewish.  Half the casts of Friends and Seinfeld are Jewish (The Ethnic Backgrounds of the Cast of Friends and Seinfeld) as well as The Wonder Years (The Ethnicity of the Cast of The Wonder Years), but the fact that most of us don’t know which ones are or aren’t shows that despite most of us being a mix of European blood, those Middle Eastern descended Jews are still our cousins.

Of course ultimately, it doesn’t matter which of us descended from Isaac or Ishmael or how much blood we have of either (I’m around 12.5% Ishmaelese); it just predicts the tone of our skin and our traditional religion, according to my theory.  By no means do I see the Isaackians as superior to Ishmaelese for the fact that I myself worship the Judeo-Christian God.  But what I do recognize is what God himself proclaimed to Abraham regarding Isaac and Ishmael:

But God said, “No, but Sarah your wife will bear you a son and you shall call his name Isaac, and I will establish my everlasting covenant for his descendants after him,” (Genesis 17:19).

“As for Ishmael, I have heard you; behold I will bless him, and make him fruitful and multiply him exceedingly.  He shall become the father of 12 princes, and I will make him a great nation,” (Genesis 17:20).

What’s most important from those verses I just quoted is that God promised to establish his covenant through the line of Isaac.  In other words, the savior of the world would come in the form of a Jew.  Not to mention that the Isaackians coincidently would hold the responsibility of sharing their God with the Ismaelese- that’s why Christian missionaries exist.  That’s why Christianity is now the largest religion of the Ishmaelese country of South Korea, for example:

We all have the same great-grandparents at the tops of our family trees.  I try to imagine how different the world would be if Abraham wouldn’t have had a son with Hagar, if he just would have waited another 13 years for his own wife to become pregnant.  But he jumped the gun and changed the course of history (for him, it was the future) forever.  Though if he didn’t, I wouldn’t exist, being that my grandmother is Mexican.  Not only would I have not written this and you wouldn’t have read it, but there wouldn’t have been any of this to write about.

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28 thoughts on “How Race and Religion are Connected and Why Isaac and Ishmael are behind It All

    • It goes to show that the Romans scattered the Israelite”s to the far corners of the world and thousands of years later here we are, we could be distant cousins.we all are ancestors of the past starting with Noah.So there are no true Americans,Germans etc, I was born in Germany near the Polish border,, I could very well be a German Jew, not knowing my ancestry as being a war refugee.Yet know one wants to admit they have either Jewish or Muslim descendants.


  1. You have a very Good Article and I am on the Same Page You are on. I want to know if I am part Ismael-ite or Isaac-son. I beleive I am both. So what it balls down to is I really must teach my children it is IMPORTANT that we worship GOD. See my article I wrote below about the difference between Isaac and Ismael:

    Abraham’s son Ishmael was part Slave and Free. His mother was a Slave because she was a descendant of HAM so Ishmael was part Ham who was cursed and Abram who was FREE. Isaac was the son of Abram’s sister and wife Sarai who was Shem’s descendant who was BLESSED by God. The birth of Ishmael was not in God’s plan. Ishmael’s birth was what Abraham did on their (own-Sarai request that he sleep with Miriam to see if he could bear a child) because they were not patient in waiting for God to bless them with a child. The Bible states that Ishmael and Isaac would be blessed to be great nations-which means multiply and have lots of children to outnumber the stars. The Bible states that the Covenant of God is with Isaac. Why do you think the Covenant was with Isaac? The covenant was with Isaac because he was the Son of both FREE-mom and dad Abraham and Sarai because they were MARRIED which was another covenant and they both worshipped God. HAM and his descendants presumed to be IDOL worshippers…or not at all…but they were not in favor of God because they were cursed by Noah…so Ishmael’s mother did not have to sleep with Abraham…..she fornicated and sinned. God still blessed Abraham’s son Ishmael…but God says Ishmael will not be an heir or the COVENANT GOD made with Abraham. This is the reason why the brothers fight. Ishmael is jealous of Isaac since Isaac’s birth. Although Abraham loved both his sons, Abraham had to obey God’s commands and his Love for God was already proven when he was willing to give his son for sacrifice who was Ishmael. Ishmael being a sacrifice gave Ishmael no preference with God……the preference was the test for Abraham. Ishmael as a sacrifice was demonstration for Abraham’s love for God and not Ishmael and this child born of SIN had to be a continuous sacrifice for Abraham from his married wife and son of that marriage to do God’s will and not his own will. Ishmael became a slave to his brother Isaac….though they lived on separate lands in peace. Their fighting is because….the Palestine land interrupts their peace. They both want the land and because Isaac is King to Ishmael…..Ishmael should get the land to ensure that the people will worship GOD.

    Isaac is HEIR to everything that Abraham has through God because he was a Blessed descendant, he was descendant of marriage, and descendant of Covenant-god’s commandments. The thorn in his side is the SIN his father committed before his birth that affects him and all his future generations. Both brothers may love each other, but are affected by DESIRED favoritism from the parent Abraham, who loves them. Favoritism must be acquired through worship of God.

    Slavery is always for a “Pre-Determined” period of time. The children of Israel-descendant of Isaac-Jacob were sentenced to SLAVERY of 400 years. Why were they sentenced so many years? It took that long for them to WORK and obtain a descendant who REFUSED slavery which was MOSES who turned to GOD and was given the job of freeing these people in bondage so they could WORSHIP GOD. The Jews are descendants of Isreal-Jacob-down through the lineage of DAVID who WORSHIPPED GOD and from whom JESUS CHRIST comes as MESSIAH. Jesus Christ came not for us to worship him, but for us to WORSHIP God. But prophecy is Jesus did such a good Job for God that when he returns every knee shall bow to him when he is REWARDED.

    In the Bible : RESTORATION of COVENANT had to take place many times. We must RESTORE it within our FAMILIES. GOD delivers and REDEEMS any slave descent who TURNS to GOD.
    God Bless.


    • In reply to Michalle Farrakhan’s excellent and very informative comment., I want to point out 2 tiny errors in your comment: Abraham scarficed Isaac Not Ishmael, and Abraham did took Hagar as wife first before Ishmael was born.

      Supporting Verses:
      Genesis 22 “After these things God tested Abraham and said to him, “Abraham!” And he said, “Here I am.” 2 He said, “Take your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you.”
      Genesis 16:3 King James Version (KJV)
      3 And Sarai Abram’s wife took Hagar her maid the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife.”


  2. I would like to correct that Saria had Abram or Abraham sleep with Hagar not Miriam.
    I would also like to say that your article is so Good it demonstrates that regargless to Categorism- ex. RACE or RELIGION we must Worship God and Follow God’s Commandments. The more you study different religions you will notice that many religions give credit to all God’s commandments but not to the WORSHIP of God and to instead the worship of People or Graven Images. Jesus came to take no credit for himself, but to encourage the world that we must Worship God. TURN away from IDOL worshipping. So it does not matter if you are BLACK, WHITE, JEW, HINDU, JUDAISM, ISLAM….CHRISTIAN we all must WORSHIP the GOD MOST HIGH…..God of ABRAHAM and NOAH.

    God Bless!


  3. Nick……I am still studying. I just thought I would add that the Bible says Isaac worshipped Abraham’s God. The Qu’ran says Ishmael worshipped Abraham’s God. The Jew Bible worships God. They are all worshipping the same God and arguing about it. I think all religions should unite and study together. The all say WORSHIP GOD. The issue I believe is accusation that one is worshipping the wrong God. However the Bible tells us that Jesus will come one day again and mediate between man and God who will Judge whether we should go to Heavan-God’s Kingdom. I hope everyone will study and LOVE each other as they want God to LOVE them. In all the Books in comparison…….the Bible has the greatest story. In religious comparison, the Muslims have the best prayer technique. For every culture…..they worship differently. The disadvantage of Freedom of Religion in the United States is Freedom to not know and find out for yourself which takes a lot of studying. Other countries Mandatory teach their religion in Schools as a nation. Could our FREEDOM be compromised one day because of Not Knowing God and the Bible? If America was converted to a Muslim nation we would then have to convert to doing things Ishmael’s way which would not matter if he was worshipping God…….but what if our country was taken over by someone who claimed he or she was God…….then would it matter so much if we were Isaac or Ishmael’s decendant? Maybe this is a diversion to just keep us confused, divided as a world and eventually without a standard of who we worship or of giving total reverence to God?


  4. Well sence Ishmael is the product of sin , I think we should divide the planet. I wish we where able to move continents so we can split them evenly. Move all of Ishmael descendants to one side and Isaac witch is all the white people in the world to the other side, That way there is no contanct with each other and we all can denie we are realted and all the white people can have there god. The white mans god really doesnt want anything to do with us anyways . And yes i am a half breed native american / white and i feel like an abomination.


    • Everybody is a product of sin due to Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. Now with Ishmael and Isaac, God has a special plan for everybody. I have personally seen Ishmael descendants greatly blessed with good job good family good life when they have the right attitude and worship God.

      Also please remember that being Isaac descendants does not make you saved. Consider King Herod who is a full jew a descendant of Issac, he was horrible and died. King Saul and his family is another example, they faced a tragic event. Many of Isaac descendants fell to judgments and got wiped by God when they did not obey God. Being Isaac descendant alone is not enough to make you saved or blessed. God’s covenant with Isaac basically was to make their people great in numbers like the stars. It is just numbers. God did not say promised to make them richer or better life than Ishmael’s descendants.

      It all really roots down to worshiping and obeying and applying God to your personal life.


  5. Wow, that was the biggest load of pseudo-geneology bullshit I’ve ever wasted 5 minutes on. Where do you come from? Have you ever actually read a book other than the ancient scripts of the Judeo-Christian Bible? No wonder Americans are so ignorant and laughed at around the world…


  6. Some notes are wrong.
    First of all eastern Asia is not from the descendants of Ishmael they from the offspring of Jephth the son of Noah and Ishmael from the offspring of Shem, while Joseph was in egypt Ishmael children were on the religion of the one God.
    Anyway the children of Ishmael are mostly the arabs who stayed on the religion of Abraham for many generations till the idol worshipping moved from Suriya to Arabia tell God sent prophet Muhammad to bring them back to the religion of Abraham which is Islam not Judaism or Christianty.
    The descendants of Ishmael was never Buddhists or Hindus or any other fake religion.
    Though not all Ishmael children worshipped the idols when they reached Mecca.
    Check your sources before publishing mate.


  7. You basic premise that all races came from Isaac or Ishmael is biblically flawed. The world has upteen post Noahic generations that are neither. Did all those people evaporate from the world to make room for the descendents of Isaac and Ishmael?


  8. Nick, Your basic premise is biblically and logically flawed. It assumes that all peoples of the world are descended from the Isaac or Ishmael lineage, and ignores that there were 300 years of descendents from the Noah to Abraham lineage, along with all the non-Jewish peoples that even the Bible refers to within its pages. Did the descendents of all those people just evaporate off the face of the earth?

    Michalle, I believe you need to study Allah, that is not the God of Abraham. To discuss the omniscient or omnipotence of the God of the Bible is blasphemy in Islam. The god of the Quran is a mixture of Zoroastrianism (Persian beliefs), Kabbalistic beliefs (mystical Jewish beliefs) with a smattering of Jewish Old Testament beliefs, While I have little doubt that IF God wished to communicate with Mohammad via an angel a new message from God he could, but the God Mohammad paints is a far cry from the Biblical God. According to Islamic belief this difference is due to man changing the words of the Bible (hogwash since there is to much extant text to prove otherwise). Islamic evangelists point out the issues raised by textual critics that quibble over punctuation marks or transcription errors. I believe that Matthew 23 covers the subject quite well, and verse 13 comes to mind strongly. The truth is, all the errors pointed out in both high and low textual criticism are pretty well known, but when considering all the variations or translation issues that they raise, the bottom line is that God never changes nor does the narrow path to salvation. This includes the tome of documents called the Nag Hammadi library, and the Essenic documents found in Qumran. The question you must always ask, is Christ your salvation, God’s benevolent gift to man.


  9. This article in it’s essence is racist. From the pictures (at the beginning of the article), to the statements about the origins of the various belief systems. Contrary to what people want to believe, civilization started in Africa. How different would the article have been written, if both Isaac AND Ishmael were black. The most recent DNA studies NOW admit to the fact that original Asians were indeed black. Why does it always have to go back to Europeans (white) being closer to God, and the black and brown people being further from God (No matter how one slices it, it always ends up there)? Is it brainwashing? Or is it insecurities?
    Please don’t waste my time by telling me that I’m the one bringing up race, when this article is rife with racism.


    • I understand that bigotry is morally wrong, but I don’t think the author was trying to be intentionally provocative or offensive, especially if you carefully read his other articles and entries. People are too easily angered by almost anything they read these days.


  10. This makes sense and the ramifications that Isaac and Ishmael have had is something that I have pondered on before. It also makes you think of the ramifications of not trusting in God in our own lives and the effects that it could have on our own offspring.


  11. I see this as a post to bring visitors to your blog which is really about parenting not religion. I’m unsure why you are targeting religious people as your audience without first studying up on the material? Hence why so many above are upset as you have offended their belief systems. The one thing all religions have in common is the notion of ‘eternal life or salvation’, research is necessary unless your willing to gamble with your child’s salvation by leaving them uneducated? It’s a huge responsibility isn’t it. What you should take from this is not negativity but a chance to learn and realise that there is a part of your life that has a big hole. Be very selective in which religion your choose for your family. Good luck in your quest.


  12. What the author of this article doesn’t take in consideration. …Solomon, hebrew king, admits he is black…in Hebrew (shaqur) song of Solomon 1:4-5. He distorts facts by stating all of yahshar’Al moved north with the tribes of Yapheth. Yes there was a migration of the north tribes of Israel after Assyrian captivity, to fulfill noahs blessings to Shem that he shall dwell in the tents of Yapheth but yahudah remained in Canaan until the destruction of the 2nd temple of Solomon 70AD. YAHUDAH, LEWITS, AND TRIBES OF BENYAHAMUN….FLED TO PARTS OF WEST AND SOUTH AFRICA…where they were first conquered by the moors who civilized spain…..then they were captured and sold by akan tribes to Leopold’s portugal. Then begat the transatlantic slave trade after the Catholic church approved…the subjugating of. “The Most High”children of course after receiving two slaves themselves and specifying what type of slave works the hardest. The prophesy of Deuteronomy 28:64 was fulfilled in 1619 Jamestown Va. But revisit Genesis 15:13-16. Joel 3:1-9. Revelations 13:10. Acts7:7 all nations that have spoiled his people will themselves be spoiled. Isaiah 14:2 states you shall be taken in the last days as our servants. All the nation’s of this planet have hated us because who we are and not our skin color…and our demise was due our disobedience to the Most High. But an remnant have rediscovered the truth. The eclesia has awaked. And all the nation’s in which we were scattered to by slave boats….realize that their punishment is at hand. That’s why Hebrew yahsharalites are being executed by police in the streets. The 400 year curse of genesis 15 is nearly up. In conclusion all the world spoke one language and was of one blood and was all called ethiopia. They were called sag gigga….the black headed people, were of one accord until the fallen ones…the sons of anak or the anunnaki mixed seeds with all the daughters of men…thus began the age of wickedness, wars, barberism, rebellion and idol or god worship and a new species of humanoids…..then the flood to wipe out that wicked generation. the most high hated the fact that the fallen copulated with the daughters of yahpheth particularly Ashkenaz and gomer…where the Germans, Russians, Greek can trace their origins to this mixing of man and angelic beings. What make you all think the Most High would repeat the travesty by creating a demigod (jesus) or nephilim when he destroyed the first generation of them by flood. The new testament are a translation in Greek attributed to a Hebrew named jerome. But one problem with that….Rome hated the Hebrew yahsharlites. You have heresies….the Hebrew text as I stated in verses above….condemns all nations that harmed the Hebrews to servitude and death……in the valley of meggedo. No salvation through christ… sorry. Plus the letter j didn’t exist until the 1600’s… such Jesus existed.


  13. Oh? So, you’re saying Sarah like Eve did with Adam convinced the Prophet Abraham to commit sin. You re saying ishmaeil is the product of a sin, and so all his descendents are the product of a sin. You re also saying Abraham just used hagar to get a child and then after he got one from Sarah, he sent the poor woman and his own child away to the wildreness. Emm, look how devilish you re making Abraham and sarah look? Abraham was not an adulterer first.He took hagar as a wife and never denied ishmail as a son. He took them to What’s now is known as Mecca and came back for them later on. God ordered him to take them there for a reason; sarah was getting very jealous of hagar, and he feared for hagar. Abraham did come back when time had come for him to join them. Our prophet Abraham was not a child abandoner nor an adulterer. You should speak of him with respect. Wt you re saying is an insult to prophet Abraham and to Sarah. Wt kind of prophet is this you re talking about? And you re placing Islam along with hinduism and other pagan religions?are you crazy or just too envious and hateful? Islam is an Abrahamic religion and Arabic is a Semetic language just like Hebrew. Muslims have a holy script delivered to them from God by a messenger that we would never, God forbid, ever claim that he is God or son of God as you do to Jesus Peace Be Upon Him. why would God need to have a son anyway? Just ask yourself. God doesnt need to reproduce because He is eternal. Muslims believe in the God that created u and me, all of us , believe that jesus is the messiah, believe he performed miracles with God’ s power, believe in his second coming, and believe he never died).muslims also believe in all the prophets and in Moses. The Quran is the last holy script and indeed nothing came after it and no one came after Mohamed because the text was never changed. Thats unlike the old and new testaments, one came after the other so that one corrects the other and fixes wt pple corrupted and changed with their hands. But how come the jews would allow for a new text to come and tell and accuse them that they changed God ‘s word. Of course they would not allow it. Thats why they tried to kill jesus in many occasions and of course were able to change much in the bible. Some of wts in the bible is however God’s word . Any detail mentioned in the bible that has been confirmed by the Quran is God s word.wtever contradicts it is not. The end result of the amount of changing that touched the bible is a creed that most pple cant understand, including christians:God is one, but he is three persons. Or God is three in one person. One can never be three and three can never be one. It’s mathematically impossible. Then you say jesus died for our sins? How fair?! And How wise from God?! No, Sir, There is heaven and there is hell so if you act good in this world you go wr u deserve and if u act wrong you go wr u deserve. Jesus will come again and will feel ashamed of u and of wt u’v made of him. He never asked to be idolised as a God. You made him a god. How can a messenger from God claim divinity for himself? To ur information and ur ‘shock’, Abraham and Jesus were Muslim (creed and belief wise ) because they believed in One God just like Muslims (and Jews do). You can’t go against the fact that we all have one Creator, one God. Jesus is not God because he did not create me or you, he did not give me or you life and can’t take it away (except if God allowed him and made him able to do so to give evidence to pple that he is not a fraud but that he is a true prophet). I mean why worship a person who did not create an inch in this world?and Who was born of a woman (Jesus by the way is less of a miracle compared to Adam who had no mother and no father) . And don’t lie to people, most jews dont believe that jesus is the messiah, unlike muslims. They think he is a fraud and believe the real jesus is still to come and hasnot come yet. And jews, like muslims, do believe in one God, and dont believe in the trinity (the jibberish your ancestors have made you believe). you re not only uneducated, but you re also racist, sexist (women are the ones who tell prophets to commit sins), envious, hateful, and a liar. Sorry but everything I say points out to this.


  14. Notice how today the countries that are represented by the descendants of Ishmael are generally practice religions that do not involve the Judeo-Christian God (worshipped by Christians, Catholics, and Jews) but instead are tied Hinduism, Animism, Taoism, Buddhism, Communism (Atheism) and Islam. And of course the descendants of Isaac are matched to the Christianized nations: For example, Scotland is mainly Protestant, Ireland is mainly Catholic, and England is mainly Anglican (Presbyterian).

    How do you know that above nations mentioned are from Prophet Abraham pbh? I think one should beable to trace their lineage from father or mother to Abraham pbh without unbroken chain


  15. Should not all humans of all backgrounds strive to TRANSCEND the outer division of ethnicity and race? If you believe in the Bible’s true message, I think mankind was never meant to be divided in the first place.


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