Dear Holly: You are Cindy Brady from The Brady Bunch?

3 years, 4 months.

Dear Holly,

After your brother made his decision to spend his allowance money on a Funko Pop vinyl figure at Books-A-Million last Saturday, I wanted for you to be able to buy one as well.

You still had $4 remaining from your great-uncle Al giving you some money recently. Near the cash register, I noticed a clearance table. I scanned the dozens of characters to find one that was perfect for you…

I lucked out.

For just $3, there was Cindy Brady from The Brady Bunch.

I immediately showed it to you, and asked, “Holly, look… here’s Holly! Do you want to buy it and take it home?”

The next day as I was taking you into your preschool class, you proudly presented it to your teacher, proclaiming, “Look! I got a Holly!”

Needless to say, you’ve been sleeping with it every night as well.



Dear Jack: Your Very 1st Funko Pop Vinyl Figure- Blue Fangs of Castlevania

8 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

Here lately, you’ve been getting into the habit of saving your allowance for a week at a time so that you can afford greater things the following week.

After you recently witnessed me buying my very first Funko Pop vinyl figure, of J.J. Abrams, as your sister agreed it looks like me, you then realized how cool it might be to buy one for yourself.

So after two consecutive Saturdays of doing your research at Books-A-Million, you made your final decision.

Though you were heavily tempted by the alien from the Alien movie, you chose to spend your money on Blue Fangs from the Netflix series, Castlevania; based on the Nintendo game from when I was a kid.

Granted, the Netflix series is not for kids.

But for you, you just see a cool cartoon monster that you like to draw!

Dear Jack,