They Finally Tore Down the Rock Silo Tower in Spring Hill, Tennessee on Highway 31 on December 4, 2017

Yesterday morning at 9:30 AM as I was driving my daughter to her 18 month-old check up, I happened to look over and see a bulldozer clearing the brush around the iconic rock silo tower on Columbia in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Less than an hour later, as I drove back to my house which is just about a mile away from the silo, my speculations were accurate:

They had completely flattened it. Only rubble remained.

Later that afternoon, I kept getting notifications from the “i heart spring hill (TN, y’all)” Facebook group after a professional photographer named Rick Sweeney happened to also be driving by, and took pictures of the event.

It was somewhat of an emotional response that I was seeing in the comments of his photos. I feel like it was just an unspoken agreement for anyone who lives in Spring Hill, that we perceived that old rock silo tower as one of the town’s official landmarks; though we never really talked about it.

By the way, a very special thank you goes out to Rick Sweeney for allowing me to use his photos to illustrate this story. Here is a link to more of his work, beyond the silo:  Rick Sweeney Photography.

My family moved to Spring Hill three years ago. I always knew it was a matter of time before whoever has holding on to the property finally decided to sell their family’s land and instantly become millionaires.

So exactly three years ago I took my son out to the silo and took some pictures with him there. I wanted to provide a special way to remind him of that place years after it was torn down.

I also filmed an episode of one of my YouTube shows, Uncle Nick’s Enchanted Forest, on location at the silo.

After that, I made my peace with it; knowing it would probably be a few months later before the tower was destroyed.

Fortunately, I was wrong. It took a couple of years. Yesterday was the day: December 4th, 2017.

This event is the modern day Spring Hill version of, “They paved paradise and put a parking lot.”

We all knew this day would come.

I will miss you, old abandoned rock silo tower that no one really talked about until know.

We don’t know what we got ’til it’s gone.


Dear Jack: The Old Abandoned Silo Tower On Main Street in Spring Hill, TN (Lexus RX 450h Weekend)

4 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack: The Old Abandoned Silo Tower On Main Street in Spring Hill, TN (Lexus RX 450h Weekend)

Dear Jack,

On the drive in the Lexus RX 450h this weekend to go see the progress on our new house, I explained to Mommy that I have always been curious about that old abandoned silo tower that sits right there on the side of Main Street of Spring Hill.

It’s right past Starbucks and right before McDonald’s. I’ve always been fascinated by such an old country relic being left intact on the busiest and most fundamental road of the city.

Mommy decided to remain in the luxury chariot (the Lexus RX 450h) while we literally raced to the tower.

Once we got there, we saw that it was basically empty. I discovered a ladder that leads to the very top. Maybe I’ll save that climb for some other time…

Dear Jack: The Old Abandoned Silo Tower On Main Street in Spring Hill, TN (Lexus RX 450h Weekend)

Spring Hill has been around for a little over 200 years now, but here in the past decade especially, all that boring ole farm land has begun translating into major dollar signs to the descendants of the original farm owners.

They sell it to development companies who then go on to make cute houses for families like ours; just another hard working middle class family who drives back out of Spring Hill each day to actually make money.

It’s a classic case of a developing bedroom community.

I predict in the next 5 years, the land with the tower on it will be sold and the tower will be knocked down to make room for new houses.

But you and I will always be able to say that we visited that tower and poked our heads in it; getting our picture made right in front of it. In case it fades to a vague memory, let this letter and these pictures serve as a reminder of what we did.

Actually, I’ve never heard of anyone actually visiting that tower. We must be pretty cool or something.



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