Dear Jack: The Glory Of Classic American Holiday Sweaters

4 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack: The Glory Of Classic American Holiday Sweaters

Dear Jack,

I recently realized that of all people, I didn’t own an official holiday sweater. Seriously, I’m the epitome of dads who should own one!

A few days ago at work, my friend Sam walked in wearing a holiday sweater featuring two reindeer facing each other, with a giant snowflake in between them.

That’s the moment I became aware of my sweaterless condition.

Conveniently, the same day I received a gift card for Target. I was there for probably 30 minutes, not really impressed by any of their holiday sweaters; either too expensive or just not enough character.  But right as I officially gave up, I saw it…

A Captain America sweater! Seriously, how awesome is that?!

It couldn’t be more perfect.

Turns out, today at your school, KinderCare, it was “holiday sweater day.” So you got to wear your grumbly monster sweater, while I wore my new one as well.

Dear Jack: The Glory Of Classic American Holiday Sweaters

So now you and I are both set when it comes to owning that special token holiday sweater. Both of ours are funny, masculine, and awesome… to represent us, right?

I feel that little stories like these really help represent my pride as your dad. I love it that you enjoy making goofy selfies with me.

It’s so much fun to celebrate in stuff like this together with you. I keep reminding you that a year from now, the first of the new Star Wars movies will be in theatres and we’ll get to see it together. What a perfect time to be a little boy!

You’ve already expressed interest in Yoda.

And I think daily about how next summer, we get to camp out in the backyard of a new house, that we are scheduled to close on January 29th.

I like being your Daddy.



Sweaters are the Shirt

“If you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away.”
– “Undone- The Sweater Song” by Weezer

I have found a way to get away with wearing a sweatshirt in public and still have people think I’m dressed nicely. It’s called a wearing a sweater. While a sweater is definitely made of better quality materials than a sweatshirt and looks classy, it’s still just a classy sweatshirt at best. And no one seems to realize it but me. So I will reap the benefits.

When a sweater is worn over a tucked-in, button down, collared shirt, then I can see how it looks professional. But I’ve pushed the envelope. To work and to church I have been wearing sweaters over colored t-shirts, along with nice pants and nice shoes, and I evidently look professional. No collared shirt is necessary with the sweater.

It’s a sweatshirt, people! But fine, I’ll go along with it. In fact, I can’t wait until right after Christmas when I can buy like 6 sweaters for 70% off at Gap so I can wear a sweater every day of the week.

I really hate having to tuck in my t-shirt. With a sweater, I don’t have to. Wearing a sweater as opposed to a nice collared shirt is totally cheating the system. I love it.