Dear Jack: Wearing Fake Glasses for Fun

9 years, 2 months.

Dear Jack,

Last Thursday, you had your much anticipated music program for the 3rd grade. The theme was “Science Rocks”. Your music teacher had you all dress up as scientists.

She suggested you go to the dollar store and buy a cheap set of frames; then bust out lens, using the glasses as part of your costume.

You were so happy about your fake glasses for the music program, you started wearing them for fun on the weekend… and then to school a few days leading up to the performance.

Granted, you did a great job singing all the songs- but those glasses made you proud to sing that much harder.



Dear Holly: You Taught Yourself the Motions to the Songs in Your Brother’s Play

2 years, 10 months.

Dear Holly,

You loved every single minute of your brother’s play last week. While Mommy and I were most excited about his speaking part, your favorite part was the music.

Since we arrived early enough to get 2nd row seats (1st row was reserved for teachers), we were able to spot your brother the whole time.

So after his speaking part, which occurred in first few minutes of the play, he went to join the rest of his classmates who served as the choir.

You quickly noticed that the students had motions to do for each line of the song.

I looked over at you to see that you were actually teaching yourself the motions to each song by watching Jack and his classmates. Actually, I had to remind myself that you had never heard of these songs before when I saw you doing it.

I am sure you would have joined your brother on stage if you would been allowed… then you could have taught the audience the song motions yourself!



Dear Jack: You Did an Amazing Job on Your 1st Speaking Part in a Play!

8 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

As if I weren’t already proud of you for applying my “life lessons” advice by being the one to volunteer for a speaking part in a play any chance you get, I am even prouder now that you perfectly executed your lines in your 2nd grade’s “Spring Into Music” performance.

I didn’t realize until the actual performance, that you were one of only a few other 2nd graders with a speaking part.

Mommy and I were both right in our reasoning for why we both had been separately encouraging you all year to volunteer to have a speaking part in a play:

My reasoning was that by default, boys typically don’t naturally want to volunteer for a speaking part. Therefore, those who volunteer, get chosen.

Mommy’s reasoning was that it would help you build confidence in yourself and cause you to gain new skills.

Our predictions came true.

I have a feeling you are going to be eager to volunteer to speak in a play the next chance you get!