Dear Jack: I Wrote a Song about You This Week- “That Boy’s Been Growing Up on Me”

9 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

This week has been unexpectedly emotional for me. You’ve been away on vacation in Florida with Nonna and Papa, as well as Aunt Dana and Uncle Andrew, and your cousins.

I didn’t expect to miss you so much. After all, you’re like 9 year and a half years old now. You’re not a little boy anymore.

And that’s exactly why it hit me so hard…

While I couldn’t possibly be prouder of the boy you’ve become, I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that those days of you being a little boy are gone.

For the past 4 days, I have been journaling my thoughts and feelings through a song I have been writing; so that I myself can better understand what I am going through right now.

Today, I was finally able to record the song; one of the few times I was able to do so without crying.

And when I say crying, I mean bawling.

It helped when your Aunt Dana told me today that you are currently taking a break from swimming in the ocean to watch WWE Wrestling.

You don’t treat your stuffed animals like they are real anymore, but you still believe WWE Wrestling is real. I can settle for that. You’re not fully grown up yet.

I love you, Jack.

That boy’s been growing up, that boy’s been growing up on me

He shouldn’t be enough, he shouldn’t be old enough

It doesn’t seem, it doesn’t seem

Those Hot Wheels have all raced away

Like the friends of Thomas the Train

And now I’m missing that boy who went with them

He’s growing up

Those stuffed animals all used to be real

But they’re starting to all disappear

And now my baby boy, first born bundle of joy, is growing up on me

That boy’s a part of me, that boy’s a part of me

My son is growing up

Holding on to memories, never letting go of these

My son is growing up

It takes so much for me to ever cry these days

So it’s funny how these words are drenched in tears

A father’s love for his only son is all it takes

To get me here

And now I’m here



Dear Jack: Webisodes 12 & 13 of Jack-Man, Featuring Rainbow Child Care Center

4 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack: Webisodes 12 & 13 of Jack-Man, Featuring Rainbow Child Care Center

Dear Jack,

This week in Jack-Man news, you and I made our most popular webisode to date, Webisode 12: “The Great Indoors.” It received 100 views in less than 2 days.

My long-time friend Ben Wilder guest starred as a villain alongside me. He was the Recess Rebel and I reprised my role as the Playground Ninja.

It featured my new song, “The Taste of Defeat”:

What’s that bitter taste in your mouth? Things are about to go south

Too late to figure it out

That’s the taste of defeat

Yes, the taste of defeat

You can’t take my playground away, I’m here to stand in your way

I’m going to make you pay

That’s the taste of defeat

Yes, the taste of defeat

I had arranged it with your preschool to shoot a webisode there, so we met with the school director on Saturday morning.

After about an hour of filming, Ben followed us back to our house to film Webisode 13: “Dog Days of Summer,” in which Ben played a new villain named Salt Water Guy, who attempted to convince Jack-Man that “sports drinks” are healthy, despite the fact they contain so much sugar, as well as artificial food dyes.

Dear Jack: Webisodes 12 & 13 of Jack-Man, Featuring Rainbow Child Care Center

It featured my new song, “You Can’t Be Ready for This.”

So you think you can dance?

Looks like there’s ants in your pants

You should moonwalk away

While you still have the chance

You can’t be ready for this, oh no

Nobody warned you ‘bout me, oh no

You can’t be ready for this, oh no

You won’t believe what you see, oh no

You can’t be ready for this

Do you want my autograph?

So you’ll remember my name

The one who defeated you last

In this cat and mouse game

Coming up we have some more exciting Jack-Man webisodes, as Chevy has sent us a brand-new 2015 Chevy Colorado crew cab pick-up truck. You love it!