Dear Holly: Wearing Mommy’s Lipstick to See If I Would Notice

3 years, 11 months. (Tomorrow is your 4th birthday!)

Dear Holly,

With me being at home now on furlough from my job until July 1st, you and I spend a lot more time together than we are used to.

Most days are a blur of you playing downstairs with your toys while I get work done, mixed with me doing puzzles with you or teaching you how to spell, or taking you outside to play.

But one day last week, after for playing with your toy makeup set for nearly 30 minutes, you sneaked away, only for a minute.

Then you walked up to me, smiling- but not saying a word.

It took me about 5 seconds to figure it out:

“Holly, look at your lipstick! You look beautiful!”

You are still so proud of yourself for knowing how to apply real lipstick.



Dear Holly: You Decided to Put on Makeup Like a Big Girl… With a Marker at School!

3 years, 1 month.

Dear Holly,

You came home from school last week with your own makeup on. Apparently you took it upon yourself to use a blue marker at apply some eye shadow.

Even though it was a washable Crayola marker, it didn’t immediately wash off in the bath that night.

So that meant you got to enjoy your makeup for a few additional days before it finally disappeared.

Honestly, it really didn’t look that bad! I felt the color choice really complimented your hair and skin tone.

I’d much rather you pretend to put on makeup then to pretend to cut your hair.