Dear Holly: You Won a Medal at Gymnastics This Week!

5 years, 8 months.

Dear Holly,

This Tuesday, you won a medal in your gymnastics class- and you have been so proud ever since!

You insisted the next morning that you be able to wear it to school.

Your brother had some reservations that you might lose it during the school day, but I figured if it meant that much to you to show it to your teachers and friends, it would be worth the risk.

And you’ve worn it every day since!

It makes me so happy to see how hard you work at what you love!

Great job, Holly!



Dear Holly: I Finally Was Able to See You at Gymnastics!

5 years, 7 months.

Dear Holly,

When this school year started, you began gymnastics and your brother started Taekwondo. Mommy always been the one to take you to gymnastics, which happens to be at the same time as when I am taking your brother to Taekwondo.

But this week, it worked out better for me to take you instead. You being in gymnastics makes a lot of sense!

You are very energetic and daring. So for an hour, twice a week, you get to run and jump, and challenge yourself- specifically with the balance beam.

As much as I loved watching you in your dance recital earlier this year, I definitely see how gymnastics could be the better fit for you… at least for now.



Dear Holly: You Started Taking Gymnastics This Week!

5 years, 3 months.

Dear Holly,

After your successful dance recital this summer, you decided your next challenge to take on shall be gymnastics class.

So now, every Tuesday night, while I take your brother to taekwondo, Mommy drives you to the other side of town for gymnastics.

I’ve been noticing how you always look for a way to turn anything into a balance beam.

Like this past weekend when our family visited Hatcher Family Dairy and you insisted on walking along the rock path, which was a bit of a drop down to the grass.

I think you are going to love gymnastics class!



Dear Holly: Your Gymnastics Lesson of a Birthday Party

3 years.

Dear Holly,

For your official 3rd birthday party, we booked you a gymnastics lesson at the rec center right around the corner from our house.

You loved being able to get an idea of what gymnastics is like; alongside your party friends.

The lesson actually took place while the parents socialized in the room down the hall. Then, when it was time, we all came in to see you and your party friends individually trek through the obstacle course.

I’m glad we chose this for your birthday party. It was so appropriate for a 3 year-old little girl!



Dear Holly: Yes, You Do Your Own Stunts!

2 years, 3 months.

Dear Holly,

After Nonna and Papa had spent the weekend at our house while Mommy and I went to see Kenny Chesney in Nashville and then painted the back porch the next day, it was time for them to head back Sunday afternoon.

So I announced to you, “Holly, it’s time to say goodbye to Nonna and Papa…”

You immediately ran over to them, smiled, then ran the other way- towards the sofa.

All weekend, you had been showing off your furniture climbing skills. As if to give them one more little talent show before they left, you climbed right up the arm of the couch, then rolled yourself over onto the cushion.

From there, you hopped down, ran towards Nonna and Papa, then continued to repeat the sofa climb.

After several cycles through, Papa finally grabbed you for the official goodbye hug.

Otherwise, I think you could have easily gone another 30 minutes through your self-imposed obstacle course in the living room.

It’s clear to me that right now, one of the things that is definitely a part of your identity is your fearlessness. You demonstrated this to Nonna and Papa all weekend.

If you could climb it, you did. If you could jump from it, you did.

And never once did you fall or get hurt. Papa even witnessed you teach yourself how to do a somersault, as you were running so fast across the living room floor that you stumbled, fell forward, then instinctively pushed yourself up after your legs had already flipped over your head.

I can’t help but think how this ends up translating to your interests and activities as you get a little older.

Gymnastics? Yeah, that’s a given.

But I’m even thinking indoor rock climbing. That may be the thing that’s actually challenging enough for you!