Dear Holly: You Really Loved Having Grandma in Town from California

1 year, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

I was definitely worried about Grandma’s timing in arriving at our home in Tennessee, as she was preparing to fly here from California.

Just a few days earlier, Mommy and I had to take you to the Emergency Room twice in the same day for your 106 degree temperature, as you were suffering from the flu.

My biggest concern is that Grandma would come all the way out here, only to not be exposed to our normal jolly little Holly.

Fortunately though, just as Grandma was coming in, your symptoms of the flu were on the way out.

I noticed right away how quickly you were drawn to her. Despite us only getting to see her about twice a year, you treated her as no stranger.

What really amazed me was on the 2nd day of her visit, you spent a solid two hours just chilling with her in the living room, playing with your toys. You never once needed Mommy or me.

I definitely noticed that you adopted a certain energy from Grandma. It was like a switch was turned on whenever you were around her.

You just wanted to show her what a sweet little playful granddaughter you are. It was as if you wanted to make sure Grandma got her money’s worth out of her cross-country trip.

Though you’re too young to process that Grandma is actually Mommy’s Mommy, it’s like somehow you already understand this.

You instinctively know that she is a very special person in your life. It helps that her personality perfectly compliments yours.

I am confident you could have spent all day with her on the living room floor, with just your plastic tea party set and a baby doll to serve as entertainment.

You typically are reserved around people you don’t see often.

Grandma is the exception.