Dear Jack: Your Request for “Direct Deposit” Whipped Cream

9 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack,

As Mommy was setting up everyone’s plates for the special strawberry shortcake she surprised us with over the weekend, the only thing you were interested in was the can of whipped cream.

You asked Mommy, “Can you just spray the whipped cream right in my mouth?”

To my surprise, she did.

You were very pleased.

The funny thing is, I’m not convinced you actually ate the actual dessert.

Where as your sister copied you, to get the “direct deposit” whipped cream, she definitely ate the strawberry cake too.

I thought the concept of a drive-thru window was lazy, but this takes it to a whole different level!



Last Minute Recipe for Your Christmas Work Party

I have recently been bombarded by co-workers and friends wanting to know my wife’s recipe for the world’s best last minute (or first minute) dessert. Words can’t describe the awesomeness. But obviously for the fact I have already forwarded the recipe to a network of people from work, then took the dessert to a Chipotle restaurant as a dessert when I hung out with some friends last and everyone around looked at us with envy, and then today my sister agreed that this recipe was just the thing she was looking for to make for her husband’s work party, there must be something to it. It’s a hit.

The name of it is “Chocolate Chip Cheeseball”. It requires no cooking. Just a few simple ingredients. It’s ideal for a group setting. And it’s fun to eat. Not just tastes awesome (which is a given), but it is literally fun to eat. That can’t be said about cake or pie.

All it really involves is spending about 15 or 20 minutes mixing the few ingredients in a bowl, then letting it sit in the fridge for a while. Then making it look cool by arranging the graham crackers.  No baking!

Plus, it’s a recipe that can easily be customized. It can become a Smores Cheeseball. Or a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheeseball. Just add cool ingredients in addition to the recipe.

My wife just said to tell you to use chocolate graham crackers instead of the regular kind.  That’s not something they tell you in the recipe.

Enough hype already, just make it. You will become a famous culinary hero. Just don’t let ‘em know where you got the recipe. It’s top secret.  Here it is: