Dear Holly: You Asked Me, “How Can a Skeleton Believe in Heaven?”

5 years, 5 months.

Dear Holly,

To my surprise, this Halloween season has apparently sparked some theological discussions I barely feel qualified to answer.

I am assuming your recent questions have been inspired by all the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood, which include plenty of skeletons and ghosts.

My favorite question of yours:

“Daddy, how can a skeleton believe in Heaven?”

I’m pretty sure that you’ve been swapping the word “skeleton” for the word “person”, as you have asked me several times now, “Daddy, are we really just skeletons?”

The best I could explain it was that yes, we are skeletons, but the spirit inside of us makes us actually alive; that’s sort of like the ghost decorations you’ve been seeing. I went on to explain that basically, if you combine a skeleton and a ghost, that’s more like a real person.

You went along with my narrative, then followed up with, “But Daddy, how do the skeletons believe if they don’t have a brain?”

Good point. My logic involving skeletons and ghosts didn’t quite provide a reasonable enough explanation.

So I asked you, “Holly, do you believe in Heaven?”

You immediately shook your head, yes.

I responded, “Then that’s all that matters.”



Dear Jack: Holding the “Kitty Burrito” in the Golf Cart

10 years, 9 months.

Dear Jack,

We spent Labor Day weekend in Alabama, where you were able to have an ongoing sleepover at your cousins’ house.

It was a perfect time for you to be able to ride in, and drive, your Uncle Andrew’s new golf cart.

I happened to be there when you swooped up when of their pet cats in a towel in would I would understandably call a “kitty burrito”.

I’m not sure that the cat should have enjoyed her ride on the golf cart while wrapped up in a towel, but apparently she did.

Because she definitely made no effort to squirm.

Maybe it was somehow soothing, like a day at the spa.



Dear Jack: Taekwondo is a Great Fit for You!

10 years, 9 months.

Dear Jack,

For the past few years now, you’ve been asking to take martial arts lessons. Well, the time has finally come:

You officially started taking taekwondo last week at a place right around the corner from where we live.

I can appreciate being there to watch you during your lessons. It’s obvious you need and crave the organized structure. You also specifically like the fact that so much of the lesson is spoken in Korean.

You started just in time, because they are having an official picnic at the park for all the students and parents to be able to meet each other.

I am so happy to be involved in taking you to these classes and see your appreciation of being there.



Dear Holly: You Started Taking Gymnastics This Week!

5 years, 3 months.

Dear Holly,

After your successful dance recital this summer, you decided your next challenge to take on shall be gymnastics class.

So now, every Tuesday night, while I take your brother to taekwondo, Mommy drives you to the other side of town for gymnastics.

I’ve been noticing how you always look for a way to turn anything into a balance beam.

Like this past weekend when our family visited Hatcher Family Dairy and you insisted on walking along the rock path, which was a bit of a drop down to the grass.

I think you are going to love gymnastics class!



Dear Jack: CentriKid Camp for Kids

10 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

As I write this to you now, you are half way through your very first week of overnight summer camp.

We didn’t even plan it! It just came together last minute; unlike the typical culture of our household.

But you just happened to be in Alabama last week at Nonna and Papa’s house when your cousin Calla was getting ready to go to camp at CentriKid.

You really wanted to go, so they were able to squeeze in one more kid- that’s you!

I am confident that you are always going to love and remember this week as a highlight of your childhood!