Dear Jack: Still Catchin’ Crawdads on a Saturday Afternoon

11 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack,

As you are now in your final month of Elementary School, I am constantly aware that anytime you do anything that a typical boy would do, it may be the last time you do it- because are you now inching into the Junior High phase.

This past Saturday while Mommy and your sister were out at a birthday party, I offered to do anything you wanted to do.

You chose to go to Harvey Park and catch crawdads.

So with your trusty net and small aquarium, you were able to find quite a few creatures in the couple of hours we spent together.

Other kids in the park were quite impressed!

I am so happy to be in your life.



Dear Jack: Catchin’ Crawdads with Papa

11 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

You never need my help in discovering things to do, that an 11 year-old boy should want to do.

Now that the weather has been beginning to warm up, you found a colony of crawdads that live in a drain pipe on the walking trail in our neighborhood.

So with Papa in town last weekend, you made sure he accompanied you to help catch and release a few dozen.

Because when you’re a 5th grade boy, it’s easy to spend hours doing that!

Catchin’ crawdads is apparently one of the main attractions in our neighborhood. I didn’t realize that until now!