Dear Jack: Our New Family Tradition of Saturday Morning Breakfast

11 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

I pay a lot of attention to our family dynamics… and I plan our activities accordingly. Sometimes, it’s me taking you and your sister birthday parties, without Mommy. Other times, it’s Mommy taking you both to the zoo, without me.

Similarly, I also look for ways to spend one-on-one time with both you and your sister throughout the week.

But I noticed that for much of the time the four of us are together as a family, it’s in either boring or stressful situations; like trying to get through homework and dinner on a busy school night, or rushing to get to church on time.

Therefore, we are now 3 weeks in for the new tradition I started for us: “Saturday Morning Family Breakfast.”

I now clean all the bathrooms and take care of all the garbage on Friday mornings before work, so that on Saturday mornings, we can all just casually wake up and head to a fun nearby restaurant for breakfast as a family. No stress about having to clean the house when we wake up anymore!

We go to places that have a good family atmosphere where we can enjoy a solid breakfast, but not feel rushed- like the nearby Grecian Bakery or any of the local coffee shops.

Saturday Morning Family Breakfast is a hit!




Dear Holly: Cake for Breakfast on Saturday Mornings?!

6 years, 4 months.

Dear Holly,

This morning I took you for a 7 AM dentist appointment… just your typical check-up and teeth cleaning.

Good news: No cavities!

I told your dentist that I take part of the credit for that because of how thoroughly I brush your teeth every night.

And of course, I have to do a good job scrubbing your teeth:

Mommy always lets you have a “treat” after dinner… which may or may not be leftover Halloween candy from last year. That’s not my department, so I really don’t know for sure…

But I definitely contribute to your sugar intake on Saturday mornings now, since I recently initiated “Saturday Morning Family Breakfast” at 8:30 AM every Saturday.

I choose a fun nearby place to go eat a fun breakfast- and then we start off the weekend right as a family!

Last weekend, we returned to Grecian Pizzeria; which happens to have their own bakery.

The week before, you ordered French Toast, which you loved… But to me, sugar is sugar.

Therefore, this past Saturday, you enjoyed Mint Chocolate cake for breakfast!



Dear Holly: What Will Really Matter a Year from Now?

6 years, 4 months.

Dear Holly,

For nearly a month, I had an event on the calendar:

I had been invited to a men’s breakfast for last Saturday, that I heard about through my F3 group.

In my mind, I had really built up this event; it was announced there was be Texas beef brisket.

However, the day before, you learned that Mommy would not be available to take you to your classmate’s Chuck E. Cheese birthday party; which just happened to be taking place during the same time as the men’s breakfast.

You began crying.

But not for long. Because I decided to take you to the birthday party instead.

And as for breakfast, I took you and your brother to a perfect Greek bakery near our house.

It was a no-brainer, choosing you over my own plans.

I just simply thought, “A year from now, what will really matter?”

The answer: Memories with you.




Dear Holly: McDonald’s Hotcakes are an Event

5 years, 2 months.

Dear Holly,

Last Wednesday made the first time where I got to witness the very serious ordeal of you getting to enjoy a special breakfast at your preschool: Hotcakes from the drive-thru at McDonald’s!

It was a tradition that apparently started several months ago when one of your friends from school brought some in. From there, the trend caught on among the other students.

Usually I’m the one who picks you up from school and Mommy drops you off.

But last Wednesday, the day before we left for our retreat to Big Canoe, Mommy had to drive to Nashville for work, so your “once a week” hotcakes treat fell on my turn.

You were so proud. You take things very seriously as you spread the butter evenly on them!

It’s hilarious- and it’s very sweet.



Dear Holly: You Like to Make and Eat “Panic Cakes”

2 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

Ever since you got your Peppa the Pig kitchen play set for Christmas, you have been somewhat obsessed with the concept of making pancakes, or as you pronounce it… panic cakes.

Picking up on this, Mommy decided to make some buckwheat pancakes a few Saturday mornings ago, and it turns out, you love to eat pancakes- not just pretend to make them.

It’s now to the point where Mommy has to make enough on the weekend so that you have enough to eat leftovers throughout the rest of the week; each morning before school.

In fact, you love them so much, that you sort of have a little panic attack if you don’t get your panic cakes!

So maybe “panic cakes” isn’t that far off of a pronunciation…