Dear Jack: Our New Family Tradition of Saturday Morning Breakfast

11 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack,

I pay a lot of attention to our family dynamics… and I plan our activities accordingly. Sometimes, it’s me taking you and your sister birthday parties, without Mommy. Other times, it’s Mommy taking you both to the zoo, without me.

Similarly, I also look for ways to spend one-on-one time with both you and your sister throughout the week.

But I noticed that for much of the time the four of us are together as a family, it’s in either boring or stressful situations; like trying to get through homework and dinner on a busy school night, or rushing to get to church on time.

Therefore, we are now 3 weeks in for the new tradition I started for us: “Saturday Morning Family Breakfast.”

I now clean all the bathrooms and take care of all the garbage on Friday mornings before work, so that on Saturday mornings, we can all just casually wake up and head to a fun nearby restaurant for breakfast as a family. No stress about having to clean the house when we wake up anymore!

We go to places that have a good family atmosphere where we can enjoy a solid breakfast, but not feel rushed- like the nearby Grecian Bakery or any of the local coffee shops.

Saturday Morning Family Breakfast is a hit!





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