Dear Holly: You are 6 Months Old Today!

6 months.

Dear Holly: You are 6 Months Old Today!

Dear Holly,

Today is your very first half-birthday. It was 6 months ago today that I first got to meet you, just 4 days after my 35th birthday. And my life has not been the same nor will it ever be the same.

I have to say, you are such an easy baby to take care of. I say that because, for me as your Daddy, keeping you alive is kind of the main concern during your newborn days.

When I see your smiley face and your bouncy body, I am reminded of what a joy it is to take care of you.

Just look at this Instragram I took of you this morning…

Dear Holly: You are 6 Months Old Today!

It helps that I know what I’m doing this time around, unlike with your brother Jack; back when I was a first-time dad.

But now I know how it works. I’ve just completed the first 2 weeks of sleep-training you, by applying “The Cry It Out” method. And now you sleep through the night.

It was such a scary thing to try out on your brother. But with you, I am not trying out The Cry It Out method; I am simply applying it, in full confidence.

I suppose that’s a big part of you being such an easy baby: Because Mommy and I get to sleep more than we did when your brother was your age.

Your ability to sleep through the night at this age also goes hand in hand with you now beginning to eat solid foods. A couple of weeks ago Chicco sent us their new NaturalFit bottle for you to try out.

I didn’t even know Chicco made bottles. I just recognized the name from the old car seat we haul you around in, which you inherited from your nearly 6 year-old brother. (See below.)

Dear Holly: Your Uncle Jake’s Wedding at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse (San Diego Vacation/2016 Mitsubishi Outlander)

Mommy quickly admitted the Chicco Natural Fit bottle has an easy flow to it, that it’s easy for her to hold, and that it never leaks; which is a big deal. Too bad we don’t have these bottles this entire time with you!

This past week though, I could tell that the formula alone just wasn’t enough for you. After drinking 6 ounces at a time, you would spit up the final ounce but still seem hungry.

I will say, you’re not totally excited about the concept of actually eating solid food. You act disgusted by  the texture, which is likely the case.

However, you seem very curious when Mommy and I eat chips and salsa.

You’ll have to work your way up to that.



Dear Holly: You are 6 Months Old Today!

dad from day one: Jack is Now Six Months Old, Officially Has Blue Eyes and Weighs 19.2 Pounds

Week 26 (6 months).

Despite the cliche, “they grow up so fast,” I will admit that these past six months have been the quickest six months of my life.  And yes, Jack has definitely sprouted up very quickly.  Six months ago my wife and I held a baby in our arms, with zero personal experience.  Now, we have no longer have a newborn, but instead an infant.  An infant who can eat ground up fruits, veggies, and grains- not just formula.  Who is attempting to crawl.  Who is outgrowing his original car seat.

And I’ve been waiting until Jack turned six months old to officially say what has been pretty obvious for a while now: Jack has blue eyes.  I know there was a possibility that his eyes could get darker up until this point.  I never thought that it was even possible for my wife and I to have a blue eyed child.  It’s pretty funny, actually.

Not only has Jack changed in so many big ways since November 16th, 2011.  But I have as well.  You can’t be a parent and not become a different person in the process.  Even in just six month’s time.  Especially in the first six month’s time.

Am I writing this morning about Jack or myself?  Equally both, at best.  At age 29, when we found out we were going to have a baby, I had reached a point in my life where I evidently stopped growing and maturing as a person.  And since he was born, I’ve made up for any lost time as far as personal development.

I’ve undergone so many changes in the last six months that the best and perfect comparison would be to Desmond on Lost, who traveled in and out of time, disoriented of where and “when” he was.  I do feel spaced out, in the most literal way that the phrase “spaced out” can be used.  I’m trying to remember what it means to “be myself,” when becoming a father obviously changes that version of “myself” who I completely understood and had figured out.

Of course, these “who am I?” sort of thoughts aren’t red flags for some kind of personal crisis.  Instead, this is just me pointing out that I (and I assume other first time parents, too) undergo so many changes in their life at once that they have to take time to deliberately and specifically figure out who this new person is that they’ve become.  Not a bad version of who they are; just the different version that is required of them in becoming a parent.

By no means does a person stop growing up just because they turn 30.  Instead, some of the greatest maturity is happening at that age, for me.  And at six months old, I think it’s safe to say that Jack is experiencing some of the same thoughts in his own little baby brain.  The question is whether or not he’s more spaced out than I am.