Dear Holly: You Chose the Jelly Cat Bunny I Got You as Your Favorite Toy

7 years.

Dear Holly,

Back in 2015, when Mommy was only 21 weeks pregnant with you, I bought you a very special stuffed bunny; in anticipation of you being born.

Here we are, 7 and a half years later, and I learned this week that you chose that Jelly Cat bunny to use in a special project for school, about your favorite toy.

You explained, “One reason is it is soft. Another reason is it is from my dad and it is really special.”

I have always been aware of an exclusive bond that you and I share.

To quote one of my favorite bands ever Oasis, “I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now.”

It means so much to me that you chose the bunny I got you 6 months before you were born.





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