Dear Holly: I Bought a Mystery Machine T-Shirt Because of You!

6 years, 9 months.

Dear Holly,

I happened to randomly take you to Kohl’s to help me shop for some cool new t-shirts for the new year. I chose one with Bob Dylan, to which you commented, “He looks a little bit bumpy.” I didn’t even bother with a follow-up question, as somehow, I think I knew what you meant.

You then saw one featuring The Mystery Machine, along with that famous group of crime-solving teens and their mostly English-speaking Great Dane.

Later than day, due to your brother wanting to binge-watch Young Sheldon, our household ended up getting HBO Max. As I apathetically scrolled through the offerings of the streaming channel, I noticed Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! was included in our subscription.

It didn’t take long before you and I started binging the TV show, based on the t-shirt you chose for me at Kohl’s.

Your immediate observation after the first episode was this: “Daddy, Shaggy is the most scared out of everyone, but he still tries to have fun.”

Yes, as a 6 year-old, you accurately described what it means to be an Enneagram 6 with a dominant 7 wing; which happens to be my Enneagram type, as well.

All because you picked out that t-shirt for my to buy at Kohl’s!




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