Dear Jack: Hot Wheels are Cool… Again?!

12 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

The very first toy I ever remember you seeing at a store and wanting was a Hot Wheels car. We were at a Walmart near our townhome where we used to live and you saw a little maroon sports car.

“You want that car, man? I’ll get that car for you…”

That was a long time ago. And though over the years, dozens of Hot Wheels cars have come and left our house… they haven’t all gone.

And more specifically, there’s still more coming in- but for different reasons now, compared to when you were a little boy.

Now, you are using Hot Wheels as models for your art class projects. You love drawing and even designing cars.

You have also purchased model car kits and have even started replacing the body on some remote control cars with cardboard shells you’ve created.

It’s no surprise that your sister serves as your partner in testing out your new Hot Wheels cars on your drag race track that you bring downstairs from the bonus room.

She’s even spent some of her own money to buy some Hot Wheels for herself.

Hot Wheels are back… again!





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