Dear Jack: You Know How to Identify an Enneagram 4… Blue Hair!

12 years old.

Dear Jack,

While hanging out at Aunt Dana’s house for a couple of days during Thanksgiving Break, she sent me a photo of you making a silly face (the norm these days anytime someone takes a picture of you) and holding a boy doll with blue hair, wearing some unique clothing.

You explained to Aunt Dana that the Enneagram number of this doll would an Enneagram 4, because, “Yep, pretty much anytime someone has crazy colored hair, my dad says they are a 4”.

Very well done. You have definitely been paying attention. It was a year ago that I got my Enneagram Certification, so by default, you hear my assessing of people’s Enneagrams all the time.

You know that Enneagram 4s like to stand out in some way. Blue hair is definitely a way to do that!





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