Dear Jack: You are Now a Yellow Belt in Taekwondo!

10 years, 11 months.

Dear Jack,

You have been faithfully committed to going to your weekly Taekwondo lessons at Red Tiger Martial Arts for nearly 3 months now- and this past week, your hard work paid off!

I was there to see you successfully pass your yellow belt testing; which included being able to do your poomsae (in English, “patterns” or “forms”) of blocks, punches, and kicks- as well as reciting several phrases in Korean, and most excitedly… breaking through a board on your first try!

Taekwondo is definitely your thing. You have discovered the perfect extracurricular activity to challenge you physically and mentally.

I am so proud to be there for each of your lessons- and especially your first belt testing- from white to yellow belt!




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