Dear Jack: You Finally Got Your New Bunk Beds

8 years, 1 months.

Dear Jack,

Over New Year’s weekend, Nonna and Papa came up so we could build your brand-new bunk beds that you’ve been wanting for a couple of years now.

And when I use the word “build”, I’m not exaggerating.

It truly was a building process, as the whole kit was made out of all steel.

You took pride in helping put in many of the screws. You helped contribute to the assembly of your own bed.

Once we got it finished, over a 24 hour period, we realized how huge the thing is!

It’s so tall, that you have to be careful when you sit up on the top bunk, so that you don’t hit your head on the ceiling.

The bottom bunk doubles as a futon, so hopefully it can help serve as a place for you to study and do homework in years to come.

Oh, and Papa and I also painted your room blue.

You now have the bedroom of an 8 year-old boy!



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