Dear Holly: Your 2nd Easter Egg Hunt, But Your 1st One Where You Could Actually Hunt for Eggs

1 years, 11 months.

Dear Holly,

A year ago at the Easter egg hunt, you weren’t able to run around or really understand the concept of looking for eggs hidden in the lawn.

But this year was much different!

Not only did you understand it, but you were great at it. I was amazed how full your basket became- and so quickly.

I must say, you looked extra cute, as Mommy found some pink floppy bunny ears for you to wear. To our amazement, you never tried to take them off the entire time.

You’re at a stage now where you simply love any excuse to run around for the sake of running around. At the home where the annual Easter egg hunt takes place, they have one of the largest front lawns I have ever seen.

So it was the perfect place, after all the eggs were found, for you to run as far as you could. You never got tired the whole time.

By looking back at the pictures of you from last year at this same event, it’s obvious to me how much you have transformed from a little baby into a little girl.

We’re now in the month of April, which is your birthday month! (And mine, too.)

So in just a couple more weeks, you’ll be turning 2 years old.

Here recently, I have been feeling like I already have a 2 year-old daughter. With the way you love moving around, and trying out new words, and attempting to sing songs, and refusing to let me get you dressed in the morning… yeah, you’re really forming your little girl personality.

Oh! And you climbed out of the crib while we were staying at Nonna and Papa’s for Easter! When Nonna asked you how you got out of the crib, you instantly admitted to her:

“I climb.”

Yeah, you’re forming a little girl personality, aren’t you?



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