How I Cured Dyshidrotic Eczema in 5 Steps and Have Remained Symptom-Free for 5 Years (But No One Cares Since I’m Not a Medical Expert)

If you Google “dyshidrotic eczema” right now, you’ll learn “this condition can’t be cured”, and “it can last for years or be lifelong”, and “the cause is unknown”. Hmm. Well, let it be known that I, Nick Shell, cured this skin disease 5 years ago, and have remained free of all symptoms for 5 years now. And I even know the cause of the disease. This is my person discovery. This is what I taught myself:

Dyshidrotic eczema is caused when certain people (often with Type A blood, like myself) whose bodies can’t process added sugar (from processed foods) or heavy metals (from bottom feeder animals like pork and shellfish), have no way to naturally detox themselves quickly enough. Therefore, the toxins attempt to release themselves through the skin; often in the palms of a person’s hand. To be cured, the person must change their diet in a way that draws out the toxins and helps their body sweat at a higher rate.

Time to celebrate my cure? No, because no one cares about my discovery. Here’s why:

I am not a medical expert and my cure does not involve using doctor-prescribed Big Pharma medications. Therefore, my cure will never be taken seriously by the rest of the world.

Most people will never learn about it. I will die years from now, having discovered the cure for a disease that more 200,000 Americans suffer from every year, and yet I will not be known for proving the cure.

But I’m okay with that. Because what really matters is that I can help people anyway. I am about to share the 5 secret steps to curing dyshidrotic eczema.

This system is the result of me being in a place of extreme desperation, praying to God, “I will do anything to be cured of this. Just let me know what to do. If you need to use me as your unlikely spokesman, I’ll do it. I will tell anyone who will listen.”

He answered my prayer, not by instantly healing me like the way he did the blind man, but by guiding me through trial and error.

Each sequential step helped improve my condition more, but it wasn’t until the final step that I realized my dyshidrotic eczema was completely gone and has not resurfaced in 5 years.

Perhaps it is possible for some to only have to do the first couple of steps to be cured. But in my case, I had to do all 5, starting in this order:

Cut out all processed sugar and replace it with whole fruits.

I was addicted to sugar. I realized though, I wasn’t eating fruit. Once I started putting entire bananas in my oatmeal, and in my smoothies, and cutting up apples and oranges for snacks, I learned that I wasn’t crazing sugar anymore. Plus, the natural unprocessed sugar from the fruit wasn’t making my condition worse, as I was now adding more fiber to my diet because of the fruit.

Start eating dark green vegetables every day.

I started eating a big salad every night with dinner. But I don’t mean iceberg lettuce and some carrot shavings. I mean a mixture of dark green roughage, including spinach. I learned this was helping to detox my body, especially as it also adding more fiber to my diet.

Begin Heavy Metal Detox treatment.

At Whole Foods, I found a small bottle called “Heavy Metal Detox”. It basically just consisted of a concentrated form of chlorella and cilantro. It cost around $25 and lasted about a month. I used it for somewhere between 6 to 9 months. It helps draw out the toxins from the body.

Here is a link to Amazon, so you can find the best deal on Heavy Metal Detox.

Visit a sauna 2 to 3 times for a week.

My wife found a local place where I could go and intensely sweat for about 30 minutes, at least twice per week. I did this for about 3 months, alongside the Heavy Metal Detox treatment. I ran outside a lot that summer in the sun, but that didn’t compare to how much the sauna helped.

Cut out certain types of meat, and maybe even all animal products, from your diet. (And stop wearing jewelry that contains nickel.)

I realized that my eczema had kicked into high gear once my wife and I got back from our honeymoon in New England, where all I ate for an entire week was scallops and shrimp. That also marked for the first time I had worn metal jewelry: my Tungsten wedding ring, which contained nickel. I then taught myself, using Google, that “bottom feeder” fish contain more nickel; as does Tungsten.

It was clear: the combination of wearing jewelry containing nickel and eating an abundance of shellfish containing nickel, had propelled my eczema into its worst version I had ever experienced.

That’s when I thought back to how in the Old Testament, how the Jewish people weren’t supposed to eat “unclean” food; like pork or shellfish. (The same goes for Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists.)

So I stopped eating pork and shellfish altogether. That drastically improved my condition.

After a couple years, I sort of accidentally, by default, become a vegetarian; since at that point I was already eating so much fruit and vegetables, and had learned to live without pork and shellfish.

Then about a year later (which was almost exactly 5 years ago now), I randomly decided to go an entire weekend without eating any eggs, milk, cheese, or yogurt. During that 48 hour span, all my sinus pressure cleared up, my sinuses drained this weird red plasma stuff, and I wasn’t allergic to animals anymore.

Obviously, I have remained a vegan ever since. And all these health issues, including dyshidrotic eczema, as well as constant sinus pressure, Sinusitis, and pet allergies, having remained gone since.

Five years.

So today, my goal is to provide hope for all the other people in the world right now, suffering from dyshidrotic eczema.

You come to a point in your daily agony that you finally give up on those lotions and creams from the doctor, which only temporarily help the condition.

You come to the point where you’re finally desperate enough to try anything.

Fortunately, my 5 step cure could be a lot worse.

I am Nick Shell. I discovered the cure for dyshidrotic eczema 5 years ago and have remained symptom free ever since; as I also cured my sinus issues and pet allergies.

But remember, I will never be famous for this. I will never even be invited on a talk show, to share my cure with the world. The medical community will never acknowledge me, as my cure does not involve a prescription drug created by Big Pharma.

I am just a crazy guy on the Internet, who served as my own human Guinea pig until I was cured. No one cares.

No one cares except for those who will read this and realize my cure is true.

42 thoughts on “How I Cured Dyshidrotic Eczema in 5 Steps and Have Remained Symptom-Free for 5 Years (But No One Cares Since I’m Not a Medical Expert)

  1. Thanks alot Nick Shell l do appriciate you work alot actualy l became happy by reading your effords vs dyshidrotic eczema . You are an intelligent man, I’ll try the same procedure so God help me , my dyshidrotic eczema is on hands palms and the soles for almost 10 .months.


    • Thank you. Sadly, most people stop reading when I explain it took becoming a vegan to be cured. People are desperate for a cure, but not that desperate.


      • I’ll admit, that part made me numb. I’m a former vegan (of 5 years) who became more and more sick and adrenal fatigued as a vegan, despite an incredibly nutrient dense, non-processed, well supplemented vegan diet… I wish there really was a nice simple answer. I would go vegan again in a heart beat if I knew it would clear my skin and give me energy… Unfortunately, neither of those were true for me in 5 years as a vegan. 😦


  2. I came across this blog while looking for cure for my dyshidrosis I got a few days ago. Thank you so much for posting this! I will do what you did. I also have sinus problems. I will change my body! How do you get protein? Lots of soy is also problematic I think.


  3. I have dyshidrotic eczema and I am very desperate to get rid of this. It burns, it oozes, and at time I can’t bend my fingers 😦


      • i tried steroids and it was great at first, but then after a while your skin becomes thin so one itch at night and i’d br covered in cuts then leading to infection starting the cycle again…


      • This is such helpful information! Thank you for taking the time to share this. It’s frustrating when the doctors can’t help and you’re left advocating for yourself and figuring out your own cure! You are awesome and inspirational and I am excited to try all of your suggestions. 🙂


  4. Guys,

    I won’t write paragraphs here, however just say to you to not have any product made up of milk… and you will be cured… Try this for just couple of weeks… You have to have faith… Pls try once.


    • For me, Dairy affects me the most! As soon as I have an ice cream or a glass of milk, the next two days, the rashes on my finger would get SUPER itchy and tons of blisters will pop up. Shellfish also has an effect on me. As soon as I’ve cut out all the processed sugar in my diet, I don’t crave it anymore and body has less inflammation, which definitely helps healing dyshidroric eczema!


  5. Its all in your mind, check my hands out!
    isnt that nice, i had the rash bad on my arms, legs and chest too. Some blistering started on my feet.

    First time this ever appeared in my life (53)

    I’m a chemist, I don’t know about the sugar/vegan thing but the nickle in shellfish might be it.
    I would buy a whole box of oysters and finish it all in a day or so.

    Immune system diseases are poorly understood, maybe ur in remission cause you’ve calmed yourself. Breakouts r proven to be stress related.


  6. i guess its trial and error but I never had this before until last few months which I take humira for my colitis last 6 months and its a know potential side affect that can come out 4 months in but im on predisone to get it under control but do you think seeing a allergist would be good idea?


  7. Sadly, I’ve already cut out all processed sugar from my diet years ago, as well as become wholly vegan several months ago. My dyshidrotic eczema remains on my palms, itchy and annoying as ever.


  8. I’ve had it since I was 14. I get a flare up every 7 years. I am the lucky 5% that gets it on BOTH hands and feet. Fortunately I found an awesome Dermatologist. He explained it to me and we found that I do not handle stress and heat well. My last case was about 6 years ago. It makes ALL the images I have seen look insignificant. He got me straight, gave me a Rx for a custom mixed emulsion. Cleared it right up. Now, when I see the first signs I look for the number one stressor my life and address it. Then stay cool and dry….and it fades on its own. I don’t eat shellfish of any kind but do eat fish, pork, chicken, beef , and dairy of all kinds. Your “cure” wouldn’t work for me…because that is not what causes it in me. I’ve got a pretty good handle on it after 40 years of experience.


  9. I think it’s very interesting that no cure has been found. Looking at alot of articles this one is the most recent. I have sinus pressure as well. It’s allergy induced for sure and I agree that processed foods, sugars, and shell fish could all be factors. I am going to try to cut these out and see what happens. I appreciate your blog it appears alot of people care so I’m happy that you were proven wrong about our society. People still listen to each other. Sept 2018.
    Thanks for the read!


  10. Just want to let you know Nick, you’ve cured me from my Dyshidrotic Eczema. No, you’re not a doctor, but doctors don’t always have answers to everything that’s for sure! I’m glad I stumbled upon your page a year ago and took your advice to cut out shellfish and dairy. My finger was itchy like no tomorrow and would keep me awake at night from the intense itch. I have a nutritional degree myself but I was also blinded and was blaming my surroundings instead of looking into my own diet.

    If anyone reading this is suffering from the same condition, I do encourage that you try cutting these foods out of your diet. It might be hard to begin with, but try to set up a timeline for yourself and start off with 2 weeks of toxic free diet. I can assure you that your body will start to fight back and clear up and you will eventually love the new you.


  11. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and advice!

    I am in a very similar situation and am desperate to find a cure. I’m starting to implement your regimen today and praying it works for me!

    I am type A+ blood and am wondering if you could share your source(s) on type A blood not sufficiently processing sugars and heavy metals. I’m interested in researching this more thoroughly but haven’t been able to find anything yet.

    Again, thanks for your advice and taking the time to pass it forward!


  12. Thank you for sharing your journey so others can have some guidance! Agree 100% about added sugars. They are absolutely a culprit for me. High nickel foods (including chocolate and almonds), acidic foods (citrus fruits and tomato), humid weather, latex, and exposure to household chemicals (soap, shampoo etc…) are all triggers for me also. The non-dietary triggers are definitely less significant when I eat cleaner, but overall, when I have an episode, I know it’s my body telling me to treat it better!


  13. I haven’t had an outbreak in over 3 years, and I linked mine to vitamin D. I used to take supplements for vitamin D because the dr. said everyone is deficient, so he highly recommended it. Once I learned the vitamin D was fat soluble, I decided to cut back on the D, and I haven’t had an outbreak since. I got my vitamin D levels tested recently, and my levels are normal with just one childrens vitamin a day. So if you supplement with vitamin D, I suggest you ask to have your vitamin D levels tested. Never know… worked for me and it’s worth a shot. I also strongly agree with cutting out the dairy and pork for sure. Best wishes to you all, and thank you for taking the time to post this blog. I was looking for a place to share what worked for me too. Was thrilled to see someone else that is sharing what worked for them. 🙂


  14. That’s awesome you’ve cured it. Now, I totally believe you, however, I wonder why I still had pomphylox eczema when I was a vegan? I didn’t eat junk food, candy, etc, so didn’t have any sugar other than fruit, like yourself. I also don’t wear nickel or other metals, since I’ve known since I was young that I’m both allergic to it (could never wear earrings) and it always causes outbreaks.

    Unfortunately I now cannot avoid certain things (I’m a wheelchair user now so have to push the rims, it makes my eczema the worst it’s ever been), and I can no longer cook or prepare food so have to eat awful processed and ready meals I don’t even enjoy. But I still get about the same amount of outbreaks. I also have a major outbreak after every single surgery I’ve ever had. I’d lke to know your thoughts on this.


  15. I just “happened” upon this blog while trying to figure out the connection between my dyshdriotic eczema and sugar detox as I cut out processed sugar about 3 weeks ago. I have been taking supplements for 4 yrs now that include a probiotic that has antifungal properties and as history has proven to me, every time I cut off the food supply for the Candida, I end up with issues like athletes foot, etc. This is normal as the fungus is working its way out of my body, so that I’m thankful for. I go through spurts where I do good with my sugar consumption, but then spurts where I can’t get enough, which is the very nature of the addictiveness of sugar. But this is the first time I’ve ever experienced dyshdriotic eczema which flared up 1 week into my sugar detox. When I first noticed the cluster of itchy blisters on the palm of my hand, I brushed it off. But then it started growing and I was convinced it was due to my sugar detox. Now I also consume leafy greens in my diet and eat natural fruits but it’s getting worse by the week. Because of this post, I now am convinced that this skin issue is related to the nose piercing I got the day before my initial flare up! So I will be switching out my nose stud asap. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I’m a firm believer in natural remedies that assist our bodies in healing themselves!


  16. Lots of interesting mixed comments here. What works for some may not work for others. It seems your steps worked well for you which make some sense especially when cutting out on processed sugar. Unfortunately that can be difficult to do especially since there is sugar in just about every darn thing we eat. I also need to get back to Mother’s and start purchasing their deep green leafy salads again. I like your idea of going to the sauna 2 – 3x a week and using Mother’s Heavy Metal Detox treatment. Thanks for the link. I’m going to start trying it. As for pork? Actually bacon is really the most pork I generally eat, but not every day. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I’m happy you found your cure and thank you for sharing your ideas. Remember though, as the former comment stated above, this condition does go into remission for a number of years until it breaks out again. He could be correct because I was clear for quite a few years until recently, so the cause of my affliction is sort of a mystery at the right now.


  17. Hi Nick,
    Great blog! We have been on a similar journey with my now husband. When I met him he had it all over both hands and feet. He was convinced at the time it was nickel. I am pretty much allergic to the planet and have always been allergic to the protein in milk and soy. I can consume some milk and soy in foods, but if I have whey or soy protein or a lot of dairy my right hand breaks out in those little blisters. Benedryl cream help with the itching. Anyway, after months of working in convincing him, he went dairy free. We stopped eating out for 3 months. Slowly he cleared up 100%. Hand and feet. Eventually we added the nickel foods back in and he was fine. Long story short, this affliction, I 100% agree, is definitely your body screaming at you for putting something in it that it can’t handle. My allergies come up on a skin allergy test. I would suggest one to your readers who are struggling with identifying their issue. Also for you, I’m a body builder and pea protein sucks. The only protein I have found is MRE Lite by Redcon1. They recently changed their label to say it contains milk, but I contacted them and they added it per legal because it is processed on machinery that also processed milk. I have zero issues with drinking it every day! Also, I’m type A blood type too. Thanks again!


  18. Found your post 2 years ago when my dishydrosis was at its peak. Dermatologists, allergists, steroids, etc, did NOTHING. I decreased sugar intake, stopped wearing metal jewelry, and started using Skintifique “metal and nickel allergy” products and it went from cracked, ulcerated, incredibly red and angry and PAINFUL, to GONE 6 weeks later. I now am able to wear a few metal jewelry items and eat a regular diet, and just use the Skintifique whenever symptoms flare and this is more than controlled enough for me. If it helps, I’m a Physician Assistant and I appreciate your cure, even if the medical industry as a whole doesn’t. Thank you for this post, I am eternally grateful!


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