Been a Vegan 5 Years as of Today, Still Haven’t Died from Lack of Protein, But Became 6 Pounds Overweight Instead.

Truly I am a walking contradiction. Why I am not withering away and gasping for my breath? How did I actually end up gaining weight and becoming 6 pounds overweight, as a vegan?

Yet it’s true, as of today, I’ve been a vegan for 5 years now. And as of a month ago, I am no longer overweight; thanks to my strict dedication to consuming less empty calories as well as less protein (like chia seeds and almonds), as a vegan.

I would say the main thing I’ve learned about living my life as a vegan for the 5 past years is that despite it clearing up my dyshidrotic eczema, constant sinusitis, and pet allergies, people remain unimpressed. When people hear that, they immediately react the same way every time:

“Oh, wow. I could never become a vegan.”

But that’s the thing. I’m a Libertarian. I don’t care if other people become vegans like I am. I don’t care what other people eat. In fact, I encourage other people to go out and eat the burgers I’m not eating to fill that void in the universe..

I’ll admit it would be nice getting some recognition for finding a personal, non-medical cure for dyshidrotic eczema, constant sinusitis, and pet allergies… but I recognize that all that really matters is I’ve helped myself; even if I can’t help others because they continue to believe they can’t get enough protein without consuming animal products.

It’s funny too that people also immediately assume it would be too difficult to switch over to the vegan diet. Yet again, I became overweight as a vegan. That’s proof that the market has been forced to cater to now 6% of the American population who is now vegan.

You want vegan ice cream? Vegan cake? Vegan burgers?

They’ve got it all!

And I ate it all. And had to make some changes in other to lose the weight I gained from eating it all.

So this is my life. Even if I wanted to return to eating animal products, my health issues would return.

I was destined to be a manly vegan. I am comfortable with my fate.


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