The Cure for Eczema and Hand Dyshidrosis: Replace Processed Sugar by Eating Whole Fruits, Get Rid of Metals, Consume Chlorella, Sweat a Lot, Become a New Person

STOP! WAIT! This blog post is nearly 7 years old. I only keep it online to document my journey in curing dyshidrotic eczema. But I have learned a lot more since I wrote this back in 2010…

I beg you, please, instead, read the much-updated, and much more accurate 2018 version of this article. Just click the link below to find out how to cure dyshidrotic eczema:

How I Cured Dyshidrotic Eczema in 5 Steps and Have Remained Symptom-Free for 5 Years (But No One Cares Since I’m Not a Medical Expert)

It costs nothing but a lifestyle change.

For you to be taking the time to read this article, chances are you or someone who is close to you has suffered for years from the skin condition known as eczema.  Of course, after visiting at least a few doctors and/or skin specialists, the answer was that there is no cure.  Then a topical lotion was prescribed to “help keep things under control”.  But there is a cure that I had to discover the hard way, and thank God for it.

Make note that I am in no way a medical doctor.  And that’s a good thing.  Because the doctors say there is no cure.  But I say there is.  And I’ve been cured of eczema, specifically dyshidrosis.

I will make no money by telling you the cure.  You will not buy a book from me, nor will you subscribe to website that costs you any money.  You will simply read what I have to say and apply it to your life.

My hand a few months before it got really bad.

This is a very cut-and-dry issue.  It works if you do it.  It doesn’t work if you don’t, or if you cheat yourself by not fully committing.

If you are desperate enough to be healed, like I was, you will be willing to change your lifestyle.  And that’s what this will cost you- your lifestyle.  But not your life.

How to Be Cured of Eczema

1)     Completely cut out sugar from your diet, except for fruits in their whole form.  That means no fruit juice.  That means no yogurt (which is loaded with sugar.)  Instead, eat at least three servings of fruit everyday: bananas, oranges, apples, and grapes are the easiest and cheapest way to go.  You need the healthy sugar from the fruit with the fiber from the fruit.

This is the exact cilantro/chlorella extract I used.

2)     Completely cut out unnecessary metals from your body.  If you have metal fillings in your teeth, get them taken out.  (I even had to switch to a ceramic wedding ring.) If you have cartilage piercings, remove them.  Stop eating shellfish (shrimp, scallops, lobster, etc.), which have high levels of heavy metals.

3)     Sweat as much as possible.  If you have access to a sauna, take advantage of it.  If not, do plenty of outdoor exercise.  If nothing else, sunbathe.  Sweat helps remove the toxins from your body that sustain the eczema.

4)     Eat lots of chlorella (seaweed extract) and cilantro.  These both help your body to extract the poisons in your body that feed the eczema. I used a heavy metal detox like this one.

5)     Read these other articles I’ve written which explain more about why the first four steps are so important:

The Shell Diet

healthnutshell: The Unholy Trinity of Food

healthnutshell: A Tablespoon of Sugar or a Cigarette

healthnutshell: No Pork on My Fork

You should start seeing results by the third week.  It took me about seven months for my body to be fully removed of my eczema.  And if you go back to your old lifestyle, (not following my 5 steps) your eczema will return.  You have been chosen to live a different lifestyle; you have to accept it.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or stories you have for me.  Remember, I’m not a doctor.  Just someone who’s been where you are and wants this good news of hope to be spread.  There is a cure.

Contact me by email:


34 thoughts on “The Cure for Eczema and Hand Dyshidrosis: Replace Processed Sugar by Eating Whole Fruits, Get Rid of Metals, Consume Chlorella, Sweat a Lot, Become a New Person

  1. Thank you for this amazing article. I have been suffering with Eczema exactly the same as shown in your picture. It’s also on y feet and I am now having difficulty walking. I have been searching for an answer for 2 years and 3 Dermatologists later I’m in worse shape than ever before. I have a metal root filled tooth (from 20 years ago) which I am going to have removed ASAP.

    The advice you give here is invaluable and I will follow strictly in the hope of getting my life back to normal. Thanks again – I hope you are still well and clear of Eczema.



    • Paul, you’re welcome. And I want you to keep me posted on this works for you, which I know it will. I truly believe you are ready to make the necessary changes in your life to be healed of this disease. Mine only comes back if I begin to stray from The Shell Diet. Feel free to ask me any other questions you come up with along the way. -Nick Shell


  2. Thank you!!!!! I just bought chlorella tablets from Source Naturals. I hope pill form is just as effective. I also put my daughter on oil of oregano (wild oregano). Did you get worse before you got better? Right now she thinks it is spreading/. I think it may be die off symptoms


  3. thanks for ur article but i didnt understand what should i eat every day??
    you dont write it…
    anyway i eat only whole food, veg and fruits for 6 monthes and i dont have any change in my body or soul. i also take omega3, oregano oil, chlorela and more “good stuff”.
    unfortuently i let go my old life style and got nothing in return.
    any suggestions??


  4. Dear friend, After suffering from horrendous, humiliating eczema for 37 long years… scratching myself to the point of bleeding while living in constant fear and paranoia of what others might think about the nasty red eruptions all over my skin…I accidentally stumbled upon 3 simple little steps that to my amazement:Read more here!


  5. I do have Pompholyx Dyshidrosis but I only have it reoccurring on my right pinky finger no where else and it has been about 4 years now usually every 6-7 months. Do you still recommend the same steps for my situation even though I do not have a severe case of it? I would love some help with this it is so distracting in my life, thank you :-/


  6. I never had this problem until two months ago. After seeing a dermatologist he prescribed me with fluocinonide and told me to use cerave cream several times a day. I felt confident this was the answer and cure. Wrong. Since then it has only gotten worse. Now its all on my palms, the sides and tops of my fingers and thumbs and I’m completely miserable. I think now is the time to focus on what I’m putting into my body. Hopefully, I will have positive results in a few months…. I’m getting married in november and I just want my life back.


  7. I will surely be book-marking this blog. Of all of the blogs I have
    run into, yours is the only one with information and facts that is
    reliable and helpful. Are you gonna be posting more articles like this or is this the final one?


  8. Hi Nick!

    Thanks so much for posting this. I have been struggling with Dyshidrosis since I was about 20. I am in no way a doctor or an expert, but I just want to offer up what worked for me. I had tried a few of the things you list here (including changing my diet to exclude refined/processed sugar and all high-metal-content foods and upping my workout regimen). I unfortunately didn’t notice any changes–I would still get flareups, it still felt out of control.

    I didn’t find a cure until a doctor abroad told me to stop using soap.

    While I can’t stop using soap completely (my hygienic needs declare it to be so!), I have stopped using it for the most part, and for the most part use only a soap-free mild cleanser when necessary (after going to the bathroom, before preparing food, etc.). One additional key: making sure I dry off my hands afterward!

    Using a mild lotion in tandem, to heal myself back up to normality (this is the only lotion I’ve found that doesn’t also irritate my skin:, I noticed an amazing improvement, and I was “cured” for months.

    I have had a few flareups since then–I did the dishes w/o gloves, then found out the hard way that cutting up some veggies, like potatoes and onions, causes an immediate flare-up–but I now know I’ll have to pay if I decide to do those activities w/o gloves on.

    Like I said, I’m no expert, but if anyone is frustrated with dyshidrosis on his/her hands, try going soap-free and gloved for activities like handling food or washing dishes for a while and see what happens! It really changed my life.


  9. I came down with eczema over a year ago (I am age 65) and to no avail all the med doctors could do was prescibe meds whichmade me worse since I am also diabetic. I did the 4 steps above which cleared about 80 % of the eczema. However; I also found out that the fish oil I was taking (last 5 yrs) was full of metal and was contributing to my eczema. a month after I stopped my eczema cleared up to 90 %. My prob lem is trying to stay away from every food that is bad and cheating daily . My biggest problems is breads or tortillas even though limited. The eczema returns and it takes me another 2 – 3 weeks to control the eczema. I write everything down but being a diabetic limits me considerably. Any suggestions to improve your plan


  10. i’m worried about changing my lifestyle and i’ve tried part of it and i only scratch a little bit less but i hope it well soon work {:~(


  11. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I was just wondering if you are still free from eczema breakouts? I have been trying to fight my dyshidrosis with little success for three years and at the moment I am thinking of giving a heavy metal detox a try…


  12. How odd. I cut out all processed sugars about 3 months ago & have been extremely strict about it. About 4 weeks ago I have developed very bad hand eczema. I don’t think this cure above will work for everybody – but fantastic that it worked for you!


  13. This is all true! It worked for me! Unfortunately, it came back now, since my dyshidrosis was gone for about two years now and slipped back into a worse lifestyle, also it’s about time to do another metal detox! I also can’t eat chocolate, peanuts or drink too much milk b/c both of these are allergens and cause inflammation in the body which is related very much to this skin condition. There are many types of eczemas, see here which one you are:


    • Also I have stopped going to the gym and doing cardio! That’s a big one! I had my eczema controlled for a year but it wasn’t 100% until last year I started regularly doing cardio on a weekly basis combined with yoga once or twice a week. Yoga reduces stress, improves circulation and cardio, as Nick said, it makes you sweat out bad toxins and also improves circulation. (Not mentioning loosing weight! 🙂
      If you’re looking for topical cure, try to soak your feet in this solution called DOMEBORO. It’s a powder you put in your foot soaking water. Soak for 10 mins in warm water daily. It used to help me when my feet were bad. You can buy it on Amazon!
      Just don’t forget to apply your cream whatever you use (make sure fragrance free) on your feet and hands while still damp and never rub with towel or soap or scrubs!
      I use cuticle cutter to cut off the edges of dry skin after applying moisturizer so when you dry they won’t get caught in clothes and stuff..
      🙂 hope I helped too


  14. Thank you for putting together this website. I just finished a session of itching my feet that caused me again to Google “dyshydrosis”. My issues may somewhat stem from diet, though I have not eaten any pork or shellfish for 9 years. I want to run this senario past you. Maybe what I have to say here will resonate with some of your readers. I am a victim of an inplantable medical device called “Essure”. It is presented as the new, “non surgical”. “safe”, “hormone free”, “tubal ligation”. This device is inserted into a woman’s fallopian tubes and within 3 months of their new, permanent residence, the body has formed enough inflammation (the doctor calls it “natural scar tissue”) in the area to permanently block conception. I will not go into the volumes of problems that this device has caused the tens of thousands of women who are now just coming to realize the source of their years of suffering… there are plenty of online sources for that, however; I want to make it known that dyshydrosis IS one of those problems. To be sure, Essure is made up of many toxic materials. For the sake of this website, let it be known that Essure is 55% nickel and also has gold in it. I have developed a hypersensitivity to both nickel and gold which has been medically verified. I have had 2 surgeries in the past 3 months to have my Essure devices removed in full. My first surgery was a total fail when my surgeon broke both of my devices and left fragments of metal in my uterus; after which my dyshydrosis ramped up with a terrible vengeance. I am now one week post op from a hysterectomy to remove the rest of my Essure fragments. My feet and ankles are smaller than they’ve been in 8 years but the itching…. oh dear Lord! Help me!! I KNOW that dyshydrosis is caused by heavy metals. In my case, nickel and gold. I am amazed by the love of God to convict me to stop eating pork and shellfish shortly before I was implanted with these horrible things. I would be in much worse shape by now had I not stopped when I did! Anyway, I don’t mean to digress. I suppose my point is, that maybe some of your readers might also have this Essure device implanted in them and should be looking there for the cause as well… Just like the fillings in their teeth, just a little harder to remove 😦 For me, I’m going to read over this site and work toward implamenting these changes to my lifestyle. Hopefully soon I will be, what us ‘e-sisters call, “e-free” AND eczema free! Thank you for letting me share my story.


    • I really hope you get better soon. Some people have taken nystatin to kill stomach candida and fixed the ones on the feet. My dermatologist also scrapped my feet to check for a fungus in case that was affecting me, but in my case it was not:( the chorella has been helping me like crazy so I’m going to keep taking that. All the best, it sounds so painful xo.


  15. Hello there Nick. I developed hand eczema after the birth of my second child, I had always had sensitive skin, but the ponphylox on my hands was very bad. I had been put on steroid meds and azathroprine an immune suppressant because it was so bad. Praise God that I am off that now, I had tried everything I had drank Nystatin in case it was from stomach candida, drank Iodine (both under doctor supervision), drank MSM or organic sulphur etc. I would use the steroids at night and 30 minutes later the moisturiser and then the gloves and all of that stuff the doctors told me but I want a cure.
    I was allergy tested on my back by a dermatologist and am avoiding all allergens; fragrance cocometapropyl betaine (what makes bubbles in soap), the katon family of chemicals (in wet wipes), palma rosa, nickol sulphate etc. I would def recommend getting that done as I’m sure everyone has different triggers. I daily take an antihistamine called fexofenadine, evening primrose oil tablets (after taking 9000mg a day for 3 months to build into the body I take a maintenance dose) and of course fish oil. I randomly decided to try chorella, I add it to a green smoothie, I hold my nose in the morning and drink it and oh my goodness, my skin is dry but the little spots underneath seem to have disappeared. I’m going to keep taking it and try to stop taking the fexofenadine, which when I stop taking it my skin always gets worse. I have ordered some chorella tablets cos they may be better to swallow than to drink the powder, but if it keeps me in remission (which i’m told is all I can do) I’ll be stoked. It has been 3 years now, but I have changed to all natural products, including making my own deodorant paste, which stops you smelling but you still sweat so maybe that has helped me too. It has been much better for a couple of years but not gone. I went and got checked by an allergist and I am allergic to dust and grass, so if you touch it directly it goes into the skin aggravating it, but I was told I could eat whatever I want although I try to eat less sugar as that is def bad for skin especially eczema. I have googled Chorella and pomphlyx and found your post and will try the sweating thing too now. Thanks heaps for sharing:) Bless you heops xo.


  16. Its interesting reading this as I have found most of these things out myself over the years of trying different things. I have suffered from eczema and sensitive skin generally all my life, now 37. I seem to have such a sensitive nervous system I have to be careful what I eat and anything I come into contact with.

    I cut out sugar over the years because I found it makes a huge difference to my skin. I dont drink alcohol. Also i found it makes a huge difference since and my mood. When I do drink I get flair ups. I don’t eat shellfish because I dont like it. I use the sauna/steam rooms 2-3 times a week. I find it relaxes me, lowers any stress, and I obviously am cleansing my body through sweating. I work out 3 times a week to sweat and releave tension.

    I eat avocado every day and plenty of veg. If I dont eat avocado I notice my cuticles start to dry up and recede and crack which is a symtom of my skin getting dry generally.

    The heavy metals cleanse is new info and I will be looking into it.

    Im pretty happy with my skin now but I have understood over the years that I need to live a certain lifestyle to have good skin.

    Having said that, recently I have been getting a bit of dyshidrotic eczema on my hands, mainly after the shower. The blisters go down somewhat after using a hand moisturiser so its not the end of the world but Im suspecting the shower gel is a trigger. Does anyone know a soap or shower gel that would be less likely to trigger this?

    Thanks in advance.


  17. I suffered from dishydrosis on the bottom of my feet for most my life. Thick sheets of skin would peal off leaving my soles bloody and painful. I found that if I put underarm deodorant that contains aluminum chloride on the bottom of my feet when an outbreak was first noticed, it resolves within a couple days. It works during a bad outbreak, but takes longer for the feet to regrow lost tissue. I have mentioned it to several other people and it has worked for them also. I discovered the medicated product ‘Drysol’ has aluminum chloride as an active ingredient, by chance I noticed it was also in my deoderant. So it made sense to put deoderant on my feet….it works!!


  18. I have seborrheic dermatitis and eczema since I was a small child and it’s actually getting worse now that I’m older but on other parts of my body… I have been on this hunch and also based on information regarding body inflammation and sugar so I began cutting out processed sugar in big forms like Iced tea, no sweets besides dark chocolate, no white flour or bread…I start seeing results within 1-2 days. It starts by becoming less red and inflamed-i call it hot rash. It actually does feel warm to the touch especially on my face when the skin is red and irritated. Now I am on day 2 no garbage food or sugar, and my rashes are less “hot” and not even itchy right now. I originally started this when I got a cyst on my skin and had even better results but depression got me to eat bad again awhile after that. I had to take dreaded antibiotics for a minute during that cyst and I felt it f’d me up. It did seem like once I had great good bacteria under control from a mad healthy diet for over a week, the antiobiotics ruined everything. I think all that is related to our skin conditions….even the soap thing….last year while I was gardening my organic garden with no gloves, my body was such a mess that my plants were giving me irritation when harvesting or taking care of them! I think when your body is already over whelmed, it can’t even handle soap or plant residue!


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