3 Reasons This True Story is Perfectly Hilarious: “United Airlines Forced Emotional Support Peacock to Give Up Its Seat”

I am definitely a fan of satire. I love the feeling of, hopefully, being the one who is clever enough to be in on the joke, meanwhile passersby of the mainstream may find themselves being fooled without even realizing it.

For example, just this morning I published a video making fun of the fact that people in Spain are often are annoyed by the way some Americans assume that a person of Spanish descent is automatically Mexican.

As I was checking out the headlines on Google yesterday, I noticed one that seemed too good to be true. My immediate thought was, “Oh, it’s just an article on The Onion. How’d that show up as one of the main stories?”

I then saw the source of the article. It was People.com.

Here’s the headline: United Airlines Forced Emotional Support Peacock to Give Up Its Seat

Yes, that’s right. Even though one passenger on a recent United Airlines flight bought a separate seat for their “emotional support peacock”, the animal was still refused a seat on the flight.

This story would be funny enough if it were simply satire. But I feel the fact that it’s true actually makes it even funnier.

Here are 3 reasons why this true story is perfectly hilarious:

1- It’s a peacock!

Yeah, just the sight of a peacock is already funny. It’s basically a prehistoric turkey on LSD. But then, imagine a peacock in an airport, trying to catch a flight. Yes, peacocks can fly… but not as far or as high as they could on United Airlines Flight.

2- There is a human being who specifically needs a peacock for emotional support.

I can easily began to understand how a dog or cat could provide a sense of therapy for a person recovering from trauma. Okay, fine. I would even accept Big Bird as a legitimate solution. But a peacock? It really makes me wonder what kind of trauma a person has to go through to specifically need a peacock; not a dog or a cat.

3- It’s ironic that a peacock, whose job is to comfort others, is the one who probably                      ended up needing the most consoling.

Just picture how the peacock woke up that morning, so excited to go on the biggest adventure of his life. But then, the evil corporation shut him down! I love how the author, Elizabeth Preske, knew she had to add an extra touch of absurdity to the headline by including these words together:

 Emotional peacock.

I’m pretty sure that’s a brand-new phrase in 2018.

Ah, I had several good laughs from this peacock story. Though I do feel bad. The true victim in this story isn’t the passenger, but instead, that poor bird.


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