Dear Jack: The Baby Doll Saga Continues

5 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack: The Baby Doll Saga Continues

Dear Jack,

Last week I wrote to Holly about how you are taking care of one of Holly’s baby dolls until she gets here next month around April 21st.

Well, since then, you have only further perpetuated the idea that you are, in some ways, “practicing for your sister” with the doll.

Last Saturday night at 11:30 as I was heading to bed, I walked into your room to check on you, as is the tradition every night.

I immediately realized I needed to go get my phone and take a picture. You had fallen asleep while tightly holding on to “Dollee”.

Now, in the event anyone might think for a moment that you are “playing with dolls” like a girl would, you easily disprove that theory.

The next morning, you took a Lego chain and fastened it around Dollee’s neck. You followed Mommy and me around all morning, as we prepared for Grandma’s arrival for California.

As you did, you announced at one point: “She has the chain so she can fly… and so she can’t run away.”

Dear Jack: The Baby Doll Saga Continues

There’s nearly something poetic in there about the concept of freedom; how it can actually imprison as if we abuse our freedom or simply make poor decisions along the way that entrap us.

But as a 5 year-old boy, I’m pretty sure that’s not what you were implying.

If I were to translate, I would say you that recognize, as a big brother A) the importance of entertaining and playing with the baby [hence, the “flying”] and B) the fact that the baby must be under constant supervision to keep them from wandering into a dangerous situation [hence, the “chain”].

By the time Holly finally gets here, we may have to clean Dollee up for her. Good thing Holly already has a few other brand new dolls waiting for her in the crib.




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