My New Kids’ Show- Uncle Nick’s Enchanted Forest (Webisodes 1-3)

Uncle Nick Official Title Card

After filming 22 webisodes of Jack-Man from May through October this year, I decided to take a break from that and create a new web series; one that is specifically designed as a kids’ show, as opposed to the sci-fi super hero sitcom format of Jack-Man.

My idea was to create a show in which my niece could watch and be entertained by on YouTube. So I began combining elements of entertainment I thought would be appreciated by a 4 year-old.

Think of my new show, Uncle Nick’s Enchanted Forest, sort of as an updated version of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, but that is more outdoors based.

The show always begins with me introducing the audience to an old trinket that I just found. In the first webisode, it’s a harmonica.

I taught myself a few riffs the day before I filmed, and decided to record the theme song based off of my experimentation.

Another ritual is that I remind the viewers how to do my “enchanted animal call” before I put on my puffy vest.

Once we arrive outside in the Enchanted Forest, I lead the viewers in officially doing the enchanted animal call, which then invites an enchanted animal to the scene.

These first couple of webisodes feature the theme of bullying.

My plan for now is to continue featuring my son’s stuffed animal collection as the characters in the forest.

I intend to film at least 3 more webisodes during Christmas weekend; with the goal of ultimately reaching 22 like I did with Jack-Man.

By the time I reach the 22nd webisode, the series will naturally evolve to where it needs to be. As I learned from making Jack-Man, making the first dozen webisodes teaches me how to actually direct and produce the show. That way, by the 2nd dozen or so webisodes, the show is more crafted.

In the words, the quality will increase as the show progresses.

As for now, these are the first 3 original webisodes of Uncle Nick’s Enchanted Playground. My dream is to one day host my own kids’ show on a television network.

This is me building my dream.

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