Dear Holly or Logan: We’ll Know in 13 Days Whether You’re a Girl or Boy

Week 17.

Dear Holly or Logan: We’ll Know in 13 Days Whether You’re a Girl or Boy

Dear Holly or Logan,

Yesterday Mommy went to the doctor for her newest check-in. The doctor confirmed you sound great. And to our surprise, she slid up the date in which Mommy and me and your brother Jack will find out whether you are a boy or a girl.

That is great, because that’s about 2 weeks earlier than we were expecting. That visit will take place on November 25th, just about a week after Jack’s 5th birthday.

Your heart rate is about the same as your brother Jack’s was; which may be an indication that you just might actually be a boy; despite my heart still telling me you’re a girl.

Apparently, typically it’s girls’ heartbeats that are faster than boys’.

I’m excited to find out, but more than anything, I think I’ll be relieved just knowing either way.

Are you Holly or are you Logan?

By the way, I didn’t even realize it until Mommy brought it up last night, but just like clockwork, her nausea has finally went away now that she is in her 2nd trimester with you.

I am so happy for her that she doesn’t have to constantly suffer in that way, like she had to do for the entire 1st trimester.

This week Mommy found a good deal online on Huggies diapers and some wipes. So Tuesday evening, I brought in a big box from the front porch.

Your brother Jack help haul the contents of the package piece by piece.

Therefore, your fairly empty bedroom is beginning to fill up.

I assume that by default, we’ll be more prepared for your arrival that we were Jack’s. For me especially, I feel that even though it was 5 years ago when Jack was born, I’ve now got the basics down of “what to do with a brand-new baby.”



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