Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: James Hardy’s Asthma- Week 2

Let’s found out about James Hardy’s 2nd week on my challenge:

Journal entry date: September 21th, 2014

Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: James Hardy’s Asthma- Week 2

I have officially gone over a week with no dairy or eggs. This has been a very tough week for me. I never knew how many things needed eggs, or milk and how much of the food I purchase had eggs and milk in it.

In this week I have had all kinds of things happen to my body that were out of the ordinary. I had a very harsh sinus drain on day 4. I wasn’t sick, it lasted only a day, and it was very clear. Since then my breathing has had an improvement and something else improved that I didn’t expect. I have had hearing issues in my left ear since I was 16 years old. I qualified for a hearing aid but after that sinus drain I have noticed a very noticeable improvement in my hearing.

The last weird thing I have had happen is my stomach some crazy issues on day 7 and 8. These weren’t normal bowel movements and I feel my body was moving out all of the nastiness that doesn’t get moved due to all of the dairy. Things are back to normal now.

 Day 6 was a big test day for me for how no dairy and eggs would affect my asthma and allergies. On day 6 my wife and I went to visit her parents and brother for her brother’s birthday. Her parents have cats and dogs all over the place. Normally when I go over there I take a total of 6 Benadryl throughout the time there and will have to take many puffs of my emergency inhaler.

This visit I only used 2 Benadryl and 1 puff of my inhaler but I don’t think I needed it. I could breathe perfectly fine and wasn’t having allergy issues but my brain was freaking out like it was. My body is starting to have positive reactions to this new diet but my brain has yet to make new connections to what is going on.

On day 4 I had felt like I was having an asthma attack yet I could breathe perfectly fine. I took some deep breaths and it stopped. I have a few theories as to why my brain is doing this but for now I am having less breathing issues, less allergy issues and I can calm my body down from these fake reactions through deep breathing.

I plan on another expose test to an allergen on day 16 to see what my reactions. This will be a controlled test, with medication ready and my focus will be to see how my eyes, nose and skin reacts to cat allergens.

So far this diet change has not affected my workouts. I have been using a pea based protein for after gym protein intake. It taste like I am drinking rice when I mix it with water but when I mix it with vanilla almond milk, it taste great. So far I have not physical changes to my body.

Still at the same weight and I seem to be the same body fat percentage. I am hoping other than my asthma and allergies getting better I am hoping to finally lose my love handles.


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