Dear Jack: There’s Nothin’ Like Riding Through A Tunnel In The Car

3 years, 10 months.

Dear Jack: There’s Nothin’ Like Riding Through A Tunnel In The Car

Dear Jack,

Looking back, one of my favorite parts about family road trips, as a kid, was getting to ride through a tunnel in the car.

When on a family road trip, you just never know when one might pop up.

Of course, driving through one was always a little bit scary. There was that idea in my subconscious that we would never come out the other end; that we would not indeed “see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

As I got older, I was happy when my own dad would beep the horn so that it eerily echoed. Likewise, other drivers would do the same; creating this underground, non-aggressive, horn-honking orchestra conducted by random strangers.

I would also try to hold my breath for the entire duration of being in the tunnel; which was always a gamble, not knowing how long the tunnel would be.

You’re not there yet.

Dear Jack: There’s Nothin’ Like Riding Through A Tunnel In The Car

This past weekend on our fall road trip from Nashville to Asheville, as we reviewed the 4G capabilities of the 2015 Buick LaCrosse, we encountered one of those glorious tunnels somewhere between the North Carolina state line coming from Nashville headed towards Asheville.

Mommy cheered as the tunnel sort of appeared out of nowhere. Then I did my best to add to the theatrics of it, by pretending to be the voice of a monster, like I did with the “Apple Monster.”

However, you weren’t that impressed. Not to mention, you weren’t even the least bit afraid of the tunnel.

Actually, I think Mommy and I were more excited about driving through the tunnel than you were.

Just to be sure, Mommy and I demonstrated the same excitement as we headed back home, going through it a 2nd time.

Oh well, we’ll keep trying to impress you with our theatrics.



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