dad from day one: Who Jack Resembles the Most Right Now- Grandpa Tuttle

Week 13.

Something always told me, during the pregnancy, that Jack wouldn’t really look that much like me.  He inherited my gender and my dark hair (though his hair appears to be lightening up a bit), but other than that, my physical traits have yet to truly surface in him.  And it’s not that he doesn’t look like my wife- people have said they see more of her in him, yet still no one says that he absolutely looks just like either of us.  That’s because, for right now, he looks like Grandpa Tuttle- my wife’s dad.

I see the resemblance most in Jack’s eyes.  Even when/if Jack’s eyes darken to brown eventually, he still will have the eye shape of his grandfather.  Bill Tuttle, my father-in-law and Jack’s maternal grandfather, passed away just a few months after my wife and I got married in 2008.  But I am constantly reminded of him when I look at Jack.  This helps me to better understand the concept of how children are truly an extension of their family.


5 thoughts on “dad from day one: Who Jack Resembles the Most Right Now- Grandpa Tuttle

  1. Thanks for sharing-Love it!! brought tears to my eyes-Grandpa Tuttle would be so proud!! I’m sure he is watching Baby Jack from up above and smiling ear to ear!!


  2. Love it, Nick! I appreciate you sending me the link so I could see it immediately. Great job…can’t wait to see him in person to truly see the resemblance!


  3. I found this on the top 10 posts of the day! Congrats on that honor. I’ll be frequenting your blog…you are hilarious and a very creative writer. Best wishes going forward!!


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